Want to Feel Happier? 57 Proven Moments That Will Make Your Day Feel Wonderful

The average person gets 15 “perfect days” each year, according to a survey. Here’s how to do a little better.

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BY Bill Murphy Jr. - 03 Sep 2018

Want to Feel Happier? 57 Proven Moments That Will Make Your Day Feel Wonderful

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I'm writing this article after having a really fantastic day--away at the beach for Labor Day with my family. But of couse, not every day is so great. That's why I was interested recently to find a survey about the little things that people say make them look back at night and feel very grateful for their days.

This comes to us via a survey by the US Highbush Blueberry Council, in which they asked 2,000 Americans to let them know the little things they say they can always count on to make their days feel better.

They came up with 40 individual items. They're good, but I felt like there were some pretty obvious additional ones that weren't on the list. Besides, who couldn't use a few additional ways to improve their day? So here are 57 top ways things that make people feel better at the end of the day.

The ones with a percentage come from the Blueberry Council. The ones with an "(M)" at the end are my non-scientific additions. If you have others to list, please let us know in the comments!

  1. Finding money in your pocket you didn't know you had 58%
  2. Being able to sleep in with no alarm set 55%
  3. Reaching a personal best on a hobby or pastime (M)
  4. Lying in bed listening to rain fall outside 51%
  5. Realizing that your favorite clothes are clean and ready to wear (M)
  6. A small gesture of kindness from somebody in your life 49%
  7. Petting a dog 48%
  8. Seeing a good photo of yourself, posted on social media or elsewhere (M)
  9. Performing a small gesture of kindness for somebody in your life 47%
  10. Realizing it's a beautiful, sunny day 46%
  11. Long, hot shower 44%
  12. Being paid a (non-creepy) compliment by a stranger (M)
  13. A meaningful, long hug from somebody you love 42%
  14. Seeing a friend you haven't seen in a long time 42%
  15. Having the chance to recommend a book or music to someone (M)
  16. The first sip of coffee of the day 41%
  17. Realizing that you forgot to do something--but it didn't matter anyway (M)
  18. Plopping down on your bed after a long, tiring day 40%
  19. Walking into an air-conditioned building on a hot day 40%
  20. Baked treats (i.e. fresh blueberry pie) 40%
  21. Listening to your favorite album 37%
  22. Making a project or meal that turns out great (M)
  23. Watching the sunset or sunrise 37%
  24. Having a meeting you didn't want to attend canceled (M)
  25. Holding hands with someone you love 36%
  26. Getting new clothes 35%
  27. Cuddling your partner before getting up to start your day 34%
  28. Cuddling with your pet after a long day 33%
  29. Waking up to birds chirping 33%
  30. Realizing your clothes fit especially well (M)
  31. Petting a cat 33%
  32. Exceptionally good, shall we say, bathroom experience (M)
  33. Cooking your favorite meal 31%
  34. Happening across a smell you enjoy, from cookies to the smell of rain 31%
  35. Exchanging a genuine smile with a stranger 31%
  36. Sunlight on your skin 31%
  37. Getting a new haircut 30%
  38. Realizing that you'd already done things on your to-do list (M)
  39. Realizing something you enjoy but thought was bad for you is actually healthy and good. (M)
  40. Finding a good new book to read 29%
  41. Having a pleasant conversation with a total stranger 28%
  42. Hearing someone apologize to you (M)
  43. Meeting a new person you genuinely like 28%
  44. Eating a healthy food that makes you feel good about yourself 28%
  45. Realizing you know the answer to a question everyone is asking (M)
  46. Long soak in the tub 27%
  47. Going to the movies 27%
  48. Having an especially good workout (M)
  49. Receiving a bouquet of flowers from someone you care about 25%
  50. Having someone tell you that advice or an opinion you gave turned out to be right (M)
  51. Going for a walk alone 25%
  52. A lazy drive to nowhere in particular 25%
  53. Having a nice, long stretch after sitting for awhile 24%
  54. Ordering delivery 24%
  55. Learning that a favorite treat is available (M)
  56. Nice glass of beer or wine after a long day 24%
  57. Realizing you're going to have a good hair day 23%
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