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These Millennial Founders Didn’t Have a Master Plan for Their New Store. That’s Exactly Why It Succeeded

The co-founders of Bulletin give a behind-the-scenes look at the development of their new store and the surprises that popped up along the way.

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BY Anna Meyer - 23 Aug 2018


These Millennial Founders Didn't Have a Master Plan for Their New Store. That's Exactly Why It SucceededPHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Bulletin's flagship store in New York City looks like a hip, curated Instagram page come to life: There's artwork of Cardi B and Rihanna on the walls, T-shirts sporting feminist slogans, and vinyl pins lining millennial-pink shelves.

The company opened the retail space, which sells products from dozens of female-owned brands, in June. In a new Inc. video, Bulletin co-founders Alana Branston and Ali Kriegsman give an inside look at the ambitious undertaking, including all the obstacles they had to overcome along the way.

Branston and Kriegsman were hit with a major surprise when someone else scooped up their dream location for the store at the last minute. That left the pair under severe time pressure to find a new space. Fortunately they were able to use what they had learned from the failure of an earlier venture to deal with the setback.

"I think a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs position themselves as having this master grand plan all along. In reality, a lot of success is trail and error and failure," Kriegsman says. "I want people watching to know that all you have to do is get started. You don't have to have everything figured out to launch a company or to launch a brand. Just getting dirty and giving things a shot is what it takes to find success."

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