20 Tech Speakers Who Will Wow Your Crowd

The best in tech aren’t always the best speakers in tech.

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BY Jordan Kasteler - 21 Jun 2017

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Your assignment as an event planner, should you choose to accept it, is perfectly clear: Line up the most dynamic, exceptional tech speakers for your conference, summit, or symposium. Without credentialed headliners, you have little chance of wooing professionals to throw resources behind yet another convention.


Tapped out on where to find the next generation of tech stars who can captivate and educate audiences? Check out these speakers who are ready to transform any occasion from so-so to "so amazing."


1. Cindy Gallop

Cindy Gallop is Founder and CEO of IfWeRanTheWorld, a web-meets-world platform that encourages intentions to become potentially globe-altering actions. Not only has she been a headlining TED Talk speaker, but Gallop is also a self-professed advertising maven who's passionate about diversity in the tech world. Among her numerous speaking events was the Changing Advertising Summit, where she ardently argued for business world redesign.


2. Christian Sanz

Christian Sanz is Founder and CEO of Skycatch, which uses autonomous drones equipped with high-resolution imaging technology and cloud-based analysis tools to produce cost-effective commercial maps for the construction, mining, agriculture, and energy industries. A U.S. Navy veteran and serial entrepreneur with more than two decades of software engineering experience, Sanz's expertise spans from machine learning to drone regulation to business leadership. In recent years, he has spoken at prestigious events such as Ernst & Young's 2016 Strategic Growth Forum, the 2016 Drones Data X Conference, TechCrunch's Disrupt SF 2014, and Web Summit 2014.


3. Ekta Sahasi

Ekta Sahasi is Vice President of the U.S. Business Innovation Center (BIC) for Konica Minolta. Her experience will enthrall an audience as she has worked with all types of startups and tech companies to drive innovation within Konica Minolta while also helping to incubate other promising businesses. Her passion for new technology and cultural transformation as well as her approach to championing innovation even in the face of challenges provides an inspirational platform for entrepreneurs who want to do the same within their organizations. Before joining Konica Minolta, Sahasi co-founded and led eBay and PayPal's Research and Innovation Labs, scaling what has become one of the largest corporate innovation programs. Combined with her experiences as an Asian female executive in a primary male-dominated business environment, Sahasi can also provide sound advice for other female tech entrepreneurs.


4. Robin Smith

Robin Smith is Founder and CEO of WeGoLook, an on-demand field services company that has a network of over 30,000 specialized experts that handle inspections and custom tasks. Since founding the company in 2009, WeGoLook has expanded its network to other countries, including Canada, the UK, and Australia. Prior to starting WeGoLook, Smith was a Sales Manager at Cumulus Broadcasting and a Marketing Manager for Cable On. She has developed considerable thought leadership on the gig economy and the creation of new business models that leverage mobile technology to create more efficient and cost-effective service-based firms.


5. Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith is Founder and CEO of Insightly, which provides customer relationship management (CRM) software to businesses of all sizes in more than 200 countries. He and his team have grown the company to over 1.2 million customers that leverage Insightly's cloud-based platform to effectively manage their customer interactions and opportunities across the Web and mobile. Now based in San Francisco, Anthony is originally from New Zealand and grew up in Perth, Australia where he first worked on various types of CRM solutions for small businesses. Smith also worked for IBM as a software engineer and Snowden, a global mining consultancy, before starting Insightly. He has some great stories of what it was like to build a technology from the ground up and scale it that audiences can benefit from in terms of best practices and the inspiration to create their own companies.

6. Adaora Udoji

Adaora Udoji is the Founder of outLoud, Inc., a public speaking platform for topics surrounding the digital and technological world. Adaora fostered her penchant for speaking through her work at various broadcasting ventures, including her work as a co-host and anchor for CNN and ABC News. Recently, Adaora was a speaker for an International Women's Media Foundation's panel titled "Where's the Money for Women Digital News Entrepreneurs?"


7. Adam Levy

Adam Levy is president of Magnet Solutions Group, an IT company centered on personalized technology solutions for companies of all sizes that want to maximize their scalability and growth potential. His heavy tech background and IT savvy make him the ideal person to educate listeners on materializing realities and concerns involving cybersecurity and cloud computing in contemporary business. Levy's experience includes presenting regular online webinars for Austin, Texas-area Chambers of Commerce.


8. Keren Elazari

Keren Elazari is a Senior Researcher at the Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center at Tel Aviv University, specializing in cybersecurity. She is an international speaker who's presented a TED Talk called "Hackers: The Internet's Immune System" to explain cybersecurity around the world, which includes understanding hackers' intentions. She's worked with various Fortune 500 corporations to educate them on cybersecurity and offer information security strategies for the workplace.


9. John Horn

John Horn is CEO of Ingenu, a company that's elevating the discussion surrounding the Internet of Things. As a corporate founder with immense knowledge, Horn's a go-to speaker on the tech circuit. From talking about the current landscape of cellular technologies to discussing alternatives for IoT app developers -- like purpose-built platforms such as Ingenu's Machine Network -- he's a guaranteed star. His keynote at IoT Evolution Expo is worth checking out to get a sense of his stage presence and commanding, yet conversational, style.


10. Dave Peck

Dave Peck is Chief Marketing Officer of Kind.Financial, which offers a technology platform for marijuana-related businesses as well as government agencies and financial institutions to monitor cannabis compliance. The technology ensures secure transactions that abide by the rules and guidelines that now govern this new industry. Prior to his role in this growing industry, Peck led PayPal's social strategy and influencer relations program as well as oversaw the development and execution of its integrated digital marketing program. His experience in creating these marketing programs has included other well-known brands, such as The Grammys, Wells Fargo, and Coca-Cola. His thought leadership can be found across all types of media and speaking engagements, including CNBC, NBC, USA Today, The Today Show and more.


11. K.R. Sanjiv

K.R. Sanjiv is the Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Wipro, a global leader in the area of IT services and solutions. Sanjiv's popularity as a knowledgeable presenter stems from his ability to clearly explain the most important tech subjects, including artificial intelligence and automation, emerging software development paradigms like crowdsourcing, and general tech industry innovation. He's been invited to serve as a panelist for The Economist in the United States, Sweden, and Hong Kong for three years in a row, as well as at other well-respected conventions.


12. Jessica Lawrence Quinn

Jessica Lawrence Quinn is the Executive Director of NY Tech Alliance, the world's largest meetup aiming to build a sustainable and diverse technology industry in the state of New York. In 2013, Jessica was one of the co-founders of The Work Revolution Summit, a conference that aimed to re-evaluate how the traditional business model works. Jessica often speaks on the topics of tech startups, women in the technology field, and business development and culture.


13. Cynthia Breazeal

Cynthia Breazeal is the Founder and Chief Scientist at Jibo, Inc., at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Breazeal and her team build personal robots that use social intelligence to interact and communicate with humans. In 2010, Breazeal gave a TED Talk about the rise of personal robots. Her goal is to use new technology to improve people's quality of life.


14. Jrn Lyseggen

Jrn Lyseggen is the Founder and CEO of Meltwater, a global leader in B2B online media intelligence, and the founder of Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology and Shack15. Lyseggen is a leading expert in helping companies adjust to a new digital reality, sharing his expertise in his upcoming book, "Outside Insight: Navigating a World Drowning in Data." He has spoken at some of the world's most prestigious business schools, including Harvard University, Stanford University, BI Norwegian Business School, and the University of Oxford. He is also a member of The Europas Hall of Fame and has spoken on panels at the Oxford Sad Entrepreneurship Forum. Watch Lyseggen's talk at TEDxEustonSalon to hear his thoughts on the world's most valuable resource: talent. By transferring commercial skills to Africa's enormous talent pool, he argues, we can build a tech powerhouse.


15. J.J. Kardwell

J.J. Kardwell is CEO of EverString, which offers clients unique, revolutionary AI-assisted sales and marketing solutions to common pipeline issues. A Harvard College- and Harvard Business School-educated entrepreneur, Kardwell transfers his innate passion for predictive marketing, account-based marketing, and more to panels and speeches. At the April 2017 Marketing Nation Summit, he shared his expertise with attendees, drawing from his many impressive positions working for brands including The Walt Disney Company.


16. Scott Krawitz

Scott Krawitz is Founder of People Driven Solutions, which promotes the use of fractional chief financial officers to maximize resources for startups and Fortune 500 entities. In addition to his corporate role, he's also an IT coach, making him a perfect choice to chat about making technology a strategic differentiator for businesses or to discuss the ways technology can make or break a business sale. Previously, Krawitz was invited as a podcast guest by Wright Brothers, Inc., during which he showcased his acumen on cybersecurity and the prevention of cyber-driven attacks.


17. Zach Ferres

Zach Ferres is CEO of Coplex, a startup studio and accelerator that works with subject matter experts who lack the coding experience necessary to start software companies. Ferres has guided numerous startups to success, including notable companies such as Pluto TV and ZipSit. He's well-versed in everything from venture capital and software startups to the lean startup methodology. Audiences have enjoyed his knowledgeable, slightly wry presentation style at the Startup Grind Global Conference, PHX Startup Week, Marketing Technology Summit, and various local and regional startup events.


18. Elizabeth Kraus

Elizabeth Kraus is the Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of MergeLane, a startup accelerator for women-run companies. Elizabeth has worked her way from intern to top officer at several startup companies. She's an active angel investor for startup companies and serves as a mentor and an advisor to help build companies from the ground up.


19. Jamia Wilson

Jamia Wilson is the Executive Director of Women, Action and the Media, an organization dedicated to changing the way women are represented in the media. Jamia has been featured on the "TODAY" show and CNN, and she has presented a TED Talk at The Hewitt School, an all-girls school in New York, discussing the importance of young girls pursuing their education and ambitions.


20. Sach Chitnis

Sach Chitnis is Founding Partner of Jump Capital, a venture firm using the powers of data mining, high-performance computing, and machine learning to make exceptional business decisions and solve problems. Chitnis' insight as a top venture capital expert gives him the ability to streamline conversations related to tech startups; fundraising; startup recruiting; talent attraction at different funding stages; finding the right investors; and more. As one of the featured speakers at the Here's How conference in Chicago, he was invited to the exclusive Michigan Capital Growth Symposium.


Assembling a top-class group of tech personalities needn't be a chore. Dive deeply into this collection of well-regarded favorites to choose from the crme de la crme. Your event will only benefit from the publicity and glowing exit surveys it's bound to receive.

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