How a Single App Changed My Life for the Better

Apps can make life easier but some can change your entire life.

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BY Jordan Kasteler - 04 Jul 2017

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I admit it. I'm pretty old-school when it comes to being suspicious of "new age revelations." Apple cider vinegar will melt my belly fat, adding certain herbs to my diet will increase my brain power or give me untold energy, these three exercises will have me totally fit in a month--ad nauseum.

And neuroscience is another area in which I have reservations. There's a lot of "junk science" out there about such things as stimulating right and left brain functions, and mental activities that will boost brain power, etc. So, it was with great suspicion that I approached a new app called Primed Mind, after promising a friend to try it.

I committed to using it for 30 days, with a pre-set notion that it was probably just another app.

Before trying Primed Mind, every day for me was typically the same routine - coffee and to-do list - before shifting into high gear, and finishing my day exhausted and stressed. I was "scheduled" and wedded to my list, even to the point of calling a friend to schedule social activities.

Much of this changed with Elliot Roe - the personal PrimedMind coach, whose voice began to transform my thought processes, little by little, day by day.

It's really all about mindset. I define it as a way of thinking, of attitude, and of approach to one's daily living - everything from work life to social relationships.

Here is what I learned and how I am practicing the hacks that this great little coaching app presents:

1. Visualization

I now understand the importance of visualizing my goals - daily and long-term. When I wake up in the morning, I visualize myself moving easily through the tasks I am about to attack. And I visualize my long-term goals too. Where do I want to be in a year, and how can I get there?

Learning to visualize has made some changes in my mindset and my thinking. It has brought me to much greater focus, to confidence in my ability to accomplish things, inspires me to move forward, and actually improves my mood by relieving stress.

2. Daily Tips

I receive simple but effective daily hacks that show me how to meet challenges, reduce my stress levels when things get tense, and focus on the positives rather than ruminate on what is wrong or could go wrong.

3. Developing Habits

Here's the thing about these courses and this coaching. They give me sets of daily mental habits that are practical and effective. And what I am finding is this: if I don't practice them, my day is often not so good. I give in to stress, to arguments, to worries about what might go wrong. When I do practice them, my days go better, and I have the mental strategies to deal with almost anything that would otherwise ruin my mood. I'm also a much better communicator, thanks to one of the mini-courses.

4. Goal-Setting

Goal setting is important for me because it helps me focus. It helps me hone in on the exact actions I need to perform to achieve the specific goals I desire in life. Elliott has taken me through an entire process of setting goals and getting the mindset to remind myself of where I am headed and the progress I have made. Inside the app, I get coaching from experts on subjects ranging from business, academics, social life, athletics, esports and other niche activities in order to provide specific content for my endeavors to excel in these areas. Ultimately, this helps me stretch and grow in ways that I never have before.

5. Relaxation Strategies

Like everyone else, I face stressful situations throughout my day, ranging from minor annoyances like traffic jams to more serious concerns like a fight with my girlfriend. These speed up my breathing and leave me irritated. Primed Mind's relaxation techniques have proven helpful for me in managing these situations. No more chemical sleep aids; the ability to calm myself when presented with stressful situations during the day. Learning to breathe and get myself to my "quiet place" has been huge. Aside the 7-day audio programs which helps me focus on improving a broader aspect of my life like confidence or determination, there are also primers which I can use right when I need them. If I have to give a presentation, prepare for a stressful social function or even have to play in a championship game, I just use one of the primers to get in the zone, relax and be confident in just a few minutes which can be very useful throughout the day.

While I am not saying this app is for everyone, it has made a difference for me. I do see myself as having more potential; I am able to have a more even-tempered mindset; and my ability to focus and to communicate well has improved. You might want to give it a try.

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