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Have You Considered Giving Facebook the Boot? Check Out the 3 Main Reasons Why Some People Are Deleting Their Accounts

This isn’t a recent topic. It’s just one that keeps resurfacing.

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BY Bryan Adams - 19 Nov 2018

give facebook the boot

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

I've been hearing the same question from friends and family. Should I delete my Facebook account? This isn't a new question out of the blue. It's just a topic that keeps resurfacing. Personally, I'm not surprised. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year. It's been difficult to avoid the negativity around Facebook.

I wouldn't be shocked if, from the past few months alone, Facebook has been losing users. But, we're all guilty of being dependent on the site at one point in the time it's been operating. It got me thinking. What convinces people to delete the addictive platform then?

I've asked around in my agency of over 50 people to get a general consensus on why they might get rid of it. These are a mix of working professionals who have personal accounts. They have accounts they use for business-related content too. Especially for marketing purposes. So, these are the three factors I've found to be the recent areas of concern for the Facebook users I work with.

Battery Life

Not only does having the social media app drain your battery, which it does. Just look at your battery usage under settings. The insights might surprise you. Especially if you thought you weren't as dependent on it as you are. Most of the time it'll be background activity too.

Most of those I asked had noticed having the app installed on your device also takes a big part of phone storage. Which will again greatly affect the battery life. My colleagues said they're starting to decline the app from having access to anything on their device as a way of preserving that precious storage.

One of our developers stated their main concern was with their phones battery life. Yet, they couldn't go the full way. They didn't delete their whole account or deactivate it. Especially as they're precious about keeping Facebook as their digital backup photo album-- I'll admit this is handy. So they deleted just the app and now log in on the browser.

Here's what I've found to help. Turning some attention to my device settings. You can turn off the background app refresh switch. Turning off location access will also benefit your battery. Basically, Facebook is known to be running all kinds of things in the background when you're not even touching the device. These steps will stop that for you.

Waste of Personal Time

It would seem there are times we all spend clicking on and off the same five apps in sequence. One of them is Facebook and it's normally out of boredom. It can amount to a massive waste of your time though. If you're not on the site for business purposes or to actually seek information. You're not being productive with your time. A browse is harmless-- three cat videos in due to the autoplay feature is not.

Someone suggested this hack to try. If you can't tear yourself away: save the Facebook site as an icon to your homepage. Get rid of the app. You'll less likely keep going on the platform if you need to log in each time. You'll also start to notice how much time you're really spending on it.

Many of my employees use their personal Facebook account for business use too. As some voiced-- deleting the app could be a roadblock. So, deleting your account could be even more of a problem. You need to set time aside for business use. There are other ways you can proceed with business as usual.

With page manager, you can do everything the normal app does but on the go. The office feedback says it helps you operate your business account without your time being spent on pointless news feeds. You can also download messenger separately to keep up with communications.

Data Protection

This seems to be the biggest worry amongst us in the agency. It's quite self-explanatory, as most of us remember the Facebook scandal reported in the media from earlier this year. Where the data of an estimated 87 million users was shared with a third-party company.

Half of the users in our offices don't believe their data is safe with Facebook anymore. They're emptying their accounts of information and deleting it for good.

The platform holds your information under categories-- all the information they have on you. From this, ads are tailored. So it's not a surprise people are starting to assume their data is being shared behinds the scenes to anyone. But If you're not ready to take the plunge, just precaution. Under the settings of your account, you can clear these categories.

There are those who aren't saying goodbye to Facebook just yet. They're just focusing on their privacy settings. Take the time to go through your settings. Change who can see your content, comment on it, share it, etc. You can simply remove certain information completely from your profile.

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