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This Startup Can Help You Build Your Brand in 35 Minutes (or Less)

Ah, convenience and efficiency. Entrepreneurs rejoice.

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BY Tom Popomaronis - 08 Dec 2017

This Startup Can Help You Build Your Brand in 35 Minutes (or Less)

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Building a brand as a micro-business owner, freelancer, or digital nomad can often feel like you're playing a game of connect-the-dots. Trust me, I've been there. You use one tool for emailing clients, another tool to create your brand's social media and content marketing images, and yet another tool for your website and portfolio. If you need to create business cards or business swag like t-shirt or hoodies, you're forced to use yet another tool. Want to track statistics for your website or online portfolio? You guessed it; there's a tool to understand the data analytics for your company.

There has to be a better way, right? Luckily for todays online entrepreneurs, now there is.

A Word to the Wise

Building a brand has never been easier for the growing number of global entrepreneurs and freelancers, which is wonderful news, since Intuit estimates that 40% of the workforce in the U.S.A. alone will be independent contractors by 2020. Tel-Aviv based startup, WiseStamp, well-known for their awesome email signatures as a service offering with over 700,000 users, just launched a 'brand in a box' offering (digital box, that is) to creative individuals like freelancers, entrepreneurs, and micro-business owners. It's called WiseBrand which is their all-in-one branding platform boasting brands can be built in as little as 30 minutes.

Everyone from gig-economy workers, solo-entrepreneurs, and small business owners to e-commerce vendors and on-demand freelancers can create a complete brand for themselves with WiseBrand's 'fill in the blanks' suite of business tools. So what's included?

WiseStamp - creative email signatures

WiseIntro - launch a personal website

WiseCards - professional business cards

WiseKick - list your site locally with search engines, mobile services, and more.

WiseSwag - make swag -- enough said.

WiseStats - email engagement stats/analytics


WiseBrand CEO, Orly Izhaki, who was recently named one of the top CEOs rocking the Israeli startup scene, saw the clear path for the 'Wise' suite of products,

"The gig economy has turned millions of us in the workforce into microbusinesses and any size business needs solid branding."

Izhaki added,

"We make this service specifically for those micropreneurs, to turn their passion into a professional image, online or off."

You Are the Brand

With the global freelance and micro-business sector exploding, it is more important than ever for entrepreneurs to build a cohesive brand for themselves, all under one centralized umbrella. Personal and business branding is critical if you hope to differentiate yourself apart from others in your niche and build a thriving business for yourself across social networks and audience outreach platforms.

Whether you are an entrepreneur with a side-project you want to develop into a full-blown startup who wants to build a sticky, memorable brand, you'll no longer need to rely on your various tools, but rather one toolkit suite.

Your time is valuable, so it'd be wise to make it count in 2018.

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