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Here’s How You Can Start a Business In 10 Minutes Per Day

If you have ten extra minutes each day you can start a business and reap the rewards.

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BY Arianna ODell - 30 Nov 2018

start a business

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Today I logged into my Etsy account and saw that I had hit a new milestone: 1000 orders. It was an amazing feeling to know that 1000 people in the world have something in their homes that I designed. And the best? It's that I grew the business only spending around 10 minutes on a day on it. Spending 10 minutes each day added up over time and now after 2 years it's continuing to grow and generate profits.

When people tell me they want to start a business, I tell them "Great! All you need it 10 minutes." Here's your 10 minute plan for week one.

1. Decide what skills you have and what you can sell.

On the first day of your 10 minute business plan, spend 10 minutes thinking about the skills you have and what you could offer the world. Are you the world's best jam maker? Perhaps you could bottle up and sell your passion. Do you love drawing cats? Think about all the cute pet products you could make with a print-on-demand store. Think about where you can add value to others with a product or service you're passionate about.

2. Think of a name for your business.

Once you have an idea of what you can sell, think of a name. You can always change the name later and you aren't married to it forever. For many people, they get stuck on a name or other branding elements and never launch their business. By quickly picking a name, you'll keep pushing forward and can get to work on other aspects of the business.

In 5 minutes, I named my store "Ideas By Arianna" with the intention of changing it later. Some might say that naming quickly is bad advice, but for those on the fence about starting a business, it will help keep your momentum.

3. Buy a business license.

There are many 3rd parties services out there including LegalZoom or BetterLegal that can help you get through the messy parts of business applications. I used LegalZoom, to setup my business license in a matter of minutes.

Once you officially have a business license, ownership will feel more real to you and you'll be excited by the momentum you've mad. For most businesses, starting an LLC will protect you from liability if there is only going to be one person running the business and you aren't doing anything the FTC might strongly regulate like selling pacemaker devices.

4. Make a business card.

On day four, spend 10 minutes creating a business card that you can use to build credibility. For me, a business didn't feel real until I had my license, business cards and a website to start networking with. Once you have these three things, you can start moving forward with your marketing, sales and PR effots.

Day 5-7: Setup a website.

Today there are so many out of the box options to create a website. Using a site like Wix, SquareSpace or Shopify, you can quickly have a website up in under an hour. Take 10 minutes a day to future create your brand and vision with a website that tells customers about your good or service.

Now it's time to take a step back and improve on what you did in the 10 minutes each day. Your work doesn't have to be perfect each day--the important part is that you're continuing to put slow and steady work into growing your business.

Starting a business doesn't have to be hard or time intensive. Start small and keep working at it everyday to see long term results.

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