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Ten of the Coolest Fashion Bloggers on Instagram in 2016

Style is very preferential for everyone, and it is a good idea to follow a fashion blogger that focuses on the style or styles that you identify with the most.

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BY AJ Agrawal - 30 Mar 2016

Social media helps fashion trends soar to new heights. The use of Instagram allows fashion bloggers to reach larger, more specific audiences. Style is very preferential for everyone, and it is a good idea to follow a fashion blogger that focuses on the style or styles that you identify with the most. These bloggers have been deemed 10 of the coolest in the fashion blogging industry for this year.

Gizele Oliveira - @gizeleoliveira

Gizele Oliveira is considered to be an International fashionista. One of her favorite designers is Jeffrey Campbell. Gizele is known for posing in public locations and with nature. She has a knack for blending in with society no matter what International location she may be in. This blogger also has a way of making sunglasses appropriate for nearly any occasion and place.

Camille Charriere - @camtyox

Camille has been a freelance fashion blogger since 2010. Her initial intent was to pursue a career in law and finance. This changed as her love for all things creative stole her heart with fashion. Camille is known for blending luxury and emerging fashion perfectly.

Krystal Bick - @krystal_bick

Krystal Bick operates the This Time Tomorrow blog. She enjoys photographing casual dresses with fun accessories and a great pair of shoes. Several photos show motion, which helps capture how dresses and outfits flow with the body.

Avi Soor - @suitedsoor

Avi Soor is a finance professional in Los Angeles by day and a menswear fashion blogger by night. With his closet full of dapper suits and fun colors, he tries to have fun with fashion while still maintaining a professional look. Avi blends professional with smart casual very well. He blends fun colors and accessories to put his own spin on business professional dress codes.

Natalie Joos - @jxxsy

Natalie works as a stylist in New York City and is a popular fashion blogger. She is infatuated with vintage fashion and has the ability to make vintage themes look modern. Adding modern accessories to vintage outfits works well for modern businesswomen. Natalie has operated a successful blog, Tales of Endearment, since 2010 and has developed quite the following.

Margaret Zhang - @margaret_zhang

This Aussie fashion blogger that is also a writer, photographer, stylist and creative director. Margaret Zhang is quite busy as she has gained a great deal of attention from major global brands like Louis Vuitton, Swarovski and Lexus. She has been featured in Harper's BAZAAR several times. Margaret is an innovator in the fashion industry and has received the ELLE Magazine Best Digital Influencer of the Year award.

Rachel Parcell - @rachparcell

Rachel is not only a cool fashion blogger; she also works as a jewelry designer. She enjoys sharing her personal style with her audience. Her love of fashion and sharing daily outfit photos led to expanding her blog to beauty tips, home style tips and recipes.

India Rose - @indiaroseco

India Rose is known for blogging about personal style, comfort and showing words on clothing. India is a stylist, creative director and digital consultant that keeps her site content reflective of her personal thoughts. She likes to take different aesthetics and interests to create engaging pieces for followers. She is best described as having a fresh, urban perspective with world culture in mind.

Charlotte Groeneveld - @thefashionguitar

Charlotte is an international transplant and worked for other fashion blogs before going off on her own. Her style is very unique as she combines retro, vintage and modern to create a nearly indescribable personal style. Charlotte is a people-person, is friendly and free spirited.

The name for her blog came from an electric guitar sitting in the corner of a room. She and her husband were discussing potential names for her blog, and that is how it came to be.

Aleali May - @alealimay

This fashion blogger also works as an image consultant and model. Prior to becoming a blogger, Aleali May worked for Louis Vuitton and RSVP Gallery. She continues to collaborate with global brands and shares her unique experiences with her blog audience.

Closing Thoughts

Following these cool fashion bloggers will keep you in-the-know in 2016. You may learn some tips and tricks to customize a trend to fit your personal take on a particular style. In terms of fashion inspiration, 64-percent of shoppers use social media boards like Instagram before making purchases. There may be items collecting dust in the closet that can be pieced together to "fit in" with a specific style trend. These bloggers have some tips that will help you create a unique, personal style using those items in your closet.


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