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From Bali to the Balkans, Here’s How You Can Run Your Business From Anywhere as a Digital Nomad

Today’s technology has made it easier to start and run a business from anywhere.

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BY Arianna ODell - 22 Feb 2019

run a business as a digital nomad

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Three years, ago I plunged head first into the world of enterprunership to build a marketing and design agency. Quitting my job on a whim, I looked at my bleak bank account and knew I would have to leave exhorborant New York rent until my finances got better.

I started thinking about how I could actually make startup life work without having much money. I remembered that I could rent an apartment in Spain for a few hundred and used my flight miles to book a one ticket to a small town a few hours from Madrid.

After Spain, came Romania, Israel, Japan, Korea, and a dozen other amazing places. While I'm now back in New York, I've run my business from ever corner of the globe using a variety of tools. Here's how you can do the same:

1. Use a collaboration tool to keep your team connected.

From designers to writers, the team I work with is based all around the world. To help collaboration run smooth, we use a real-time chatting application called Slack to be able to communicate quickly and share documents. To collaborate across time zones, there are many tools available including Microsoft Teams, Flock, Fleep, and Rocketchat.

Having these tools at your disposal will keep your business running smootly no matter where you are.

2. Get a phone that works anywhere.

To talk to clients around the world, it's important to have a consinstent phone number and plan no matter where you are. I use GoogleFi to keep my phone number accessible from around the globe. This made it easy to step off any tarmat and instantly have cell service. I also liked that in a pince, I could tether the cell phone service when I couldn't find Wi-Fi. Other tools I like to use for international calling include Skype and Google Hangouts. For client meetings, we also like to use UberConference where it's easy to can present your screen and have a virtual meeting.

3. Keep track of projects with a management tool.

On any given day, there are a million moving pieces flying around. From client projects, to taxes, it can be hard to stay organized. To keep projects on track, schedule deadlines and organize files, we use Trello, a project managment tool. Many project managment tools like Basecamp, Proofhub, and Workzon can also help you with your planning. No matter where you are in around the globe, you can log into your cloud based account to see what's happening under the roof of your business.

The next time you grab your passport, keep these tools in mind to keep your business running smoothly.

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