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Yes, There’s Good News About Women and Venture Capital (But It Comes With a Catch)

On this week’s Inc. Uncensored podcast: progress for women founders seeking venture capital funding, an eye-opening trip to a business launch party in Saudi Arabia, and the cult of ‘hustle porn.’

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BY Cameron Albert-Deitch - 25 Feb 2019

women and venture capital

Co-founders Tanya Becker and Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi speak with one of the front-desk employees (in niqab) at Physique 57's new Riyadh studio. CREDIT: Iman Al-Dabbagh

Welcome to the 209th episode of the Inc. Uncensored podcast, hosted by Inc.'s editor in chief, James Ledbetter.

First, Inc. editor-at-large Kimberly Weisul breaks down a new study from the nonpartisan Center for American Entrepreneurship, which found that gender-diverse founding teams received 21 percent of first financings from venture firms in 2017, up from 7 percent in 2005. In other words: The VC playing field is finally getting more level for female founders.

Then, Inc. editor-at-large Maria Aspan gives a behind-the-scenes look at her recent trip to Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Aspan was there to attend the opening of a new outpost for Physique 57, a New York City-based boutique fitness chain. The company, which features a mantra of women's empowerment, faces a steep challenge expanding into a country known for its restrictions on women, but its founders remain undeterred.

Our final segment is about "hustle porn"--and the ensuing backlash against it. I'm Cameron Albert-Deitch, and I lead a discussion on time management and the cult of being busy. Everyone feels exhausted and overwhelmed at times, but that shouldn't be your default--and it certainly shouldn't be a marker of success. Luckily, you can do something about it.

Check it out the full episode in the player below, in iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts.


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