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Want to Be a Content Powerhouse? Do These 3 things

The media playing field has leveled, with more tools, access, and opportunities for small businesses to become rising stars.

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BY Emily Richett - 06 Feb 2018

Want to Be a Content Powerhouse? Do These 3 things

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

It's no secret the world of broadcast media is experiencing some serious disruption. Now, you can take your content creation and storytelling into your own hands thanks to streamlined tools, affordable gear, and easier access to influencers and audiences than ever before.

Back when I was a TV news reporter, I was trained with heavy, bulky video gear. It would usually consist of a large, expensive video camera, even larger tripod, and maybe a set of lights. The crew would consist of a reporter, a videographer, an editor, and a satellite truck operator.

Fast forward to today, and that entire set-up is can be replaced with one reporter, an iPhone, and a WiFi connection.

What does this mean for small businesses and influencers hoping to gain the same kind of results and access as big media? It means the playing field has leveled and you have a chance to strike while the iron's hot.

Here are a few ways to leverage the opportunity and get ahead before the gap closes:

1. Embrace your size.

Bigger isn't better. Plenty of brands from Apple to T-Mobile have built their own creative studios. The Truth Initiative, which launched a major campaign during the Grammys, creates everything in-house with a lean team of only a handful of people.

Embrace the strength of a small and scrappy team that can often work faster, change course quicker, and test new ideas. Even larger companies are focusing more on influencer partnerships and raw, engaging content on social media.

Will traditional, expensive ad campaigns completely disappear? Probably not, but the game is certainly changing and it's creating a big opportunity for small firms and entrepreneurs who are ready to step-up and fill the gap.

2. Hack big media tools.

As a news reporter, I would spend an entire work day shooting, editing, and producing a single video for broadcast. Today, and my small firm can whip up videos in a matter of hours or even minutes, thanks to streamlined and automated tools like Wibbitz. We can then send that video content directly to thousands of reporters and influencers via a cost-efficient distribution platform like Agility.

And if we want to build an audience, we don't have to look further than Youtube, Facebook, or even our own local news outlets that are willing to leverage our content. These are some of the same tools and platforms big media players like Time, The Weather Channel, USA Today, and even my former news employer Tronc (previously named Tribune) use.

Look at what the big media players are using, and hack their tools and process.

3. Forget proximity.

You no longer have to be in the same room or same country to create broadcast-level content with multiple people. Using Skype or Google Hangouts let's you record content with anyone, anywhere.

This means you have the opportunity to collaborate with the most talented and sought-after influencers and brands you know, not just the ones that are easiest to access. Instead of waiting until a particular influencer visits my city, I can arrange a web-based video interview with them at their convenience and then share it to our own audiences or other broadcast companies. This means our subject matter is more interesting and not limited by geography or travel schedules.

Eventually, there may be another shift that could give big media the upper hand again. But for now, the playing field is level, giving rise to small brands and businesses that can become powerful content creators and industry leaders. The ones to leverage the tools, access, and opportunities before the gap closes will find the most success.

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