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How to Recover From a Setback

Keep your chin up, it’s just a temporary defeat

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BY Pauline Mendoza - 18 Apr 2018

How to Recover From a Setback

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

What’s in a setback? Anger, pain, hopelessness — everything that can make a person want to give up.

Then again, when one thinks about it, a setback is only a temporary defeat, just a slowing of progress.

Dr. Gia Sison, who specializes in occupational medicine in the Philippines, knows a thing or two about overcoming setbacks.

“My biggest setback in the workplace was when I got blamed and judged for something I didn't do which up until now haunts me,” she says. “It coincided with the biggest setback in my life which was when I got diagnosed with breast cancer last February 2013.”

From the moment Sison told her surgeon, “Cut off my breast, Just cut it off,” she knew she would be facing one of the biggest battles of her life.

Today, she helps people fight their own battles by advocating health in the workplace. She is also active in the Livestrong Foundation and is co-founder of #HealthXPh, a collaborative platform that encourages the application of emerging technologies and social media to positively impact healthcare in the Philippines.

Here’s what she has to say.

Take power in perspective

I had to totally change my perspective,” Sison says. “These setbacks actually taught me that there is much strength in failure.”

She says that people’s mindsets play a huge part in how to approach life. Negative thoughts are inevitable. However, one can manage these unhealthy thoughts to find inner peace.

“Recalling the terrible days that have happened to you and the days when you thought that you simply just can’t pull through, these are the days when you need to begin to love yourself enough to acknowledge, accept, and move on,” she writes in her blog post titled “9 Mindsets That You Need to Change.”

Be willing to fight

Sison says that many times unfortunate things happen when we are unprepared, but there is a secret to surviving a difficult situation: “holding one’s mind and heart up.” If one wants to recover from a setback, one must be willing to fight.

“Remember that it takes a major setback to determine your greatest comeback, that I think, would carry you through,” Sison says.

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