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Get a Chance to Go on Your Next Business Trip for Free

It’s time to start checking out your Mabuhay Miles

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BY team-inc - 22 Dec 2017

Get a Chance to Go on Your Next Business Trip for Free

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Why do entrepreneurs travel? Apart from getting a little R&R, of course, nothing beats a face-to-face meeting and making that personal connection with potential business partners, clients, and investors.

At the same time, any successful entrepreneur knows it pays to be smart about reducing travel expenses—even more so if you can go on your next business trip for free. Fly Philippine Airlines and get rewarded through Mabuhay Miles, its frequent flyer program that allows its members to earn and redeem miles for free flights and service class upgrades.

For this year’s anniversary, Mabuhay Miles will be giving away a total of 3.5 million miles to 35 lucky winners, who will be given 100,000 miles each.

To qualify for the raffle, members must convert a minimum of 3,500 accumulated miles earned from non-flight program partners within the promo period. Members must convert their transactions to the corresponding miles through the respective merchants. (Oh yes, you can earn miles without flying. Click here to find out how.)

Every 3,500 miles is equivalent to one electronic raffle entry. The promo is valid to all active Mabuhay Miles members and is only applicable to all non-flight miles posted to the member’s account from November 3, 2017 to January 31, 2018.

The 100,000 miles will automatically be credited to the winner’s Mabuhay Miles account 14 working days after the raffle draw on February 12, 2018. Follow Mabuhay Miles on Facebook for the list of winners to be posted on February 15.

If you’re not yet a member, don’t waste precious time. Sign up for Mabuhay Miles for free and enjoy a world where indulgence is rewarded. Now, you can even download the Mabuhay Miles app to access your account from your smartphone—whenever, wherever.

Whether it’s closing that business deal or deciding where to expand next, the best trips in life can be free with Mabuhay Miles. Truly, life gets more rewarding.

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