4 Reasons Why You Should Date an Entrepreneur

They can be challenging—but that can be a good thing

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BY Adelle Chua - 13 Sep 2017

Date an Entrepreneur

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What decision is more important than choosing a right partner?

Lists abound on the Internet on the virtues of dating this or that demographic group. There are bits of advice on why you should date a traveler, a journalist, a musician, a scientist, or simply a girl or boy who reads.

But a small business owner, or an entrepreneur is in a class of his or her own – driven, unfazed by challenges, passionate, and knows the value of money.  

Here are some of the qualities that make this group so endearing:  

1. They take leaps of faith

Entrepreneurs get an idea in their heads and do not stop there. Many of them even move countries to act on a dream or idea. They’re not afraid to cross oceans and get out of their comfort zone. So when they get the idea to be with somebody they like, you can be sure the decision is not half-hearted. Despite difficulties, they pursue whomever it is they decide they want – against the odds.

Plus, they take concrete steps to see their vision into fruition against many difficulties – including, or especially, funding. They take leaps of faith, but they also know how to prioritize and assess risk.

“Entrepreneurs know that money will allow them to grow their business and take it to greater heights. Needless to say, they know the importance of being smart about finances,” Junie Veloso, BPI Business Banking Head, notes.

2. They learn from experience

Entrepreneurs are no stranger to failure. “In fact you should fail first so you could succeed faster,” says Carlo Valencia, founder of Startup PH Mentorship. “Ninety-six percent of start-ups fail,” he says, while narrating that his first venture of selling chocolate-coated strawberries while he was still in college.

Business owners have that ability to ensure that they learn lessons from past failed relationships and make sure they don’t fall into the same traps or patterns. They are doubly determined to make things work.

3. They are extremely passionate and driven

Being driven is an attitude that many find appealing. Entrepreneurs are usually optimistic, energetic, go-getters. Undaunted by difficulty, they keep on working on their ventures. So you can be sure a little wrinkle in the relationship won’t put off your partner. On the contrary, it will just challenge him or her to do better.

Jerome Uy, founder and CEO of Medgrocer.com, a Manila-based ePharmacy that delivers medicine to its customers, says: "Entrepreneurs are by nature passionate. We have to survive the rigors of work. This passion can serve us well in relationships if we can 'unplug' and re-channel it to relationships at the right moments.”

And who better to see this passion at work than the people they interact with regarding their business? At BPI, entrepreneurs develop a trusted relationship with their relationship managers, whether it is to seek advice on the next steps to take or to simply have someone to share important milestones with.

“Our relationship managers are passionate about the client’s business,” Veloso says. “We get to know clients deeply in order for us to be able to provide them with good advice. Relationship is key for entrepreneurs, and it is important that we listen and understand their concerns, so we can help them achieve their financial goals.”

4. They are challenging—which can be a good thing

Entrepreneurs do not let convention or habit box them. They constantly think of new ways to do things, push boundaries, and challenge prevailing popular notions. They won’t be who they are, after all, if they are your typical yes-people.

But being driven can be a double-edged sword. It may mean spending less time with them during weekdays, and possibly even weekends, because in the minds of entrepreneurs running a business is a 24/7 job. They can obsess about a problem for days until they find a solution.  

Says Valencia, “The traits of a successful entrepreneur may be detrimental to a relationship. We are obsessive. We have high levels of adrenalin. We are constantly analyzing and breaking things down.”

Expect your conversations to revolve around the problems he or she wants to solve or how he or she can make processes better and more efficient. One thing’s for sure, there will never be a dull moment with them.


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