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These Horrifying New Airline Seats Are Designed To Cut Legroom By Huge Amounts

You know this is what some airlines dream of, don’t you?

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BY Chris Matyszczyk - 15 Apr 2018

These Horrifying New Airline Seats Are Designed To Cut Legroom By Huge Amounts

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.


If you're an airline executive, your ambition may be to rise to the top.

Sadly these days, many such executives seem to think the best way to do that is to squeeze passengers from the sides and below, while gently sliding their hands into passengers' pockets.

Just to see if they can locate any loose change, you understand.

One concept that caused outrage was the notion that passengers could stand during shorter flights.

I'm not sure I like the thought. I mean, Flight Attendants do that and look at most of their faces.

Not happy. Or, at best, fake happy.

Yet last week saw the Aircraft Interiors Expo, where fine minds come to demonstrate how they can help airline executives rise.

Some ideas were really quite clever.

Then there was the SkyRider from AvioInteriors.

Go on, guess what a seat called SkyRider might entail?

That's right. You fly as if you're riding a winged horse.

This is the seat often referred to as the saddle seat.

Essentially, it's little more than being perched on one of those little shelves on the London subway.

The seat is shaped like a saddle. Take a look.

The joy -- for airlines, of course -- is that they might be able to reduce the seat pitch to a mere 23 inches -- from the current 29 to 32.

Well, you'll be sitting far more upright, won't you? What, you've never been on the mechanical bull in your local bar?

And just imagine how shoveling these seats into the back of the plane could delineate those who chose to fly Basic Economy, the Sub-Cattle Class that airlines concocted to appall passengers into paying more to avoid it.

Soon, they will surely be called the Giddu-Up Seats. Or perhaps Leper Colony Seats.

Classic Economy Class passengers will finally have someone else to scorn.

Naturally, the makers told Stuck At The Airport that the seats could make flying more affordable for some people.

Oh, just imagine these things in turbulence.

Wait, you've really never been on the mechanical bull at your local bar?

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