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The Shape of Oreos is Changing (Cue the Outrage)

An Oreo is always supposed to be an Oreo, right? Not any more.

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BY Chris Matyszczyk - 06 Aug 2018

The Shape of Oreos is Changing (Cue the Outrage)

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.


You don't mess with something iconic, do you?

Otherwise, it'll lose its status and be tossed onto the vast garbage pile that graced New Coke.

Yet the people behind Oreo have just decided that this is just old spouses' bunkum.

It's changing the shape of the classic cookie.

It's now going to be a little log, as if someone cut the trunk off a bonzai tree.

I understand your ululations. No, nothing is sacred. Not even beloved cookies.

But, please, this isn't so bad. I think.

You see, Mondelez, Oreo's parent, is launching these so-called Joy Fills over there, not over here.

There, being the (Dis)United Kingdom. It's a long time since the UK has its fill of joys.

The UK's Grocer says Mondelez not only launching a classic Oreo mini-log variant. There's also an Oreo Chocolate Caramel Crme.

Just as you're beginning to relax, I fear I must disturb you again.

The outer part of these Joy Fills is allegedly wafer-like. This means that you can consider eating them as a cereal.


The Oreo was born in 1912.

It's getting on a bit.

Surely you can't begrudge the emergence of little variations to keep it exciting.

Yes, these things look a little odd.

Indeed, if you took the branding off the packaging, would you even believe these were Oreos?

But, oh, they've apparently been exciting people in testing.

So please book your trip to the UK, Oreo-obsessives, and see if this is your idea of an evening treat. Or, um, breakfast.

Of course the real danger is that you'll actually like it.

And then all your principles will be gone.

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