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In 1 Sentence Drew Brees Shared the Secret to His Record Breaking Success

I guarantee you knew this, but it’s so easy to forget.

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BY John Eades - 10 Oct 2018

In 1 Sentence Drew Brees Shared the Secret to His Record Breaking Success

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Records are made to be broken. Last night one of the most important records in professional sports was broken. Drew Brees, the quarterback for New Orleans Saints threw a 62-yard touchdown pass to claim the record of the all-time leader in passing yard in the NFL.

Brees surpassed Peyton Manning's previous record of 71,940 yards, it was a special moment for Brees and the entire city of New Orleans. The game was seemingly put on pause to honor the incredible accomplishment of Brees, who was serenaded with a standing ovation from the crowd and received tons of praise on social media.

It was during this pause in the action, Brees was given a moment to run over to the sidelines and greet his coaches and family. He delivered a message to his four kids we all can learn from:

"You're going to accomplish anything you want in life, that you work for."

It's a message that is so simple, yet powerful. Regardless of whether you're an athlete, entrepreneur, or aspiring professional, we all can learn from it. Here are three lessons to keep in mind to mimic a great athlete like Drew Brees and reach peak performance:

Talent is important but it's far from everything.

We are all born with strengths and weaknesses that are out of our control. Natural God-given talent is one of those things. But hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

Control what you can control and do the things that others aren't willing to do. That might mean working weekends, reading more, finding mentors, researching competition, or polishing your skills. Don't assume for a second that because another company or team has more talent they are going to beat you every time. It's only true if you believe it.

Don't just practice, deliberately practice.

The development of skills is a lot like exercise for a human being, it simply can't be outsourced. Anders Ericsson, a psychology professor, and author has spent over three decades researching top performers. In his book, Peak he found that deliberate practice is the key to achieving high levels of performance (not just practice for the sake of practice). Contrary to popular belief, your biggest strides and achievements towards mastery of a skill don't correlate with the amount of time you spend practicing

Whatever your current role or job, break it down into to most important things you can do to excel in the role and then deliberately practice with precision, instead of just relying on job experience.

Reject entitlement, and embrace the process.

It feels as though the entire millennial generation has been lumped into a category of "the entitled." I fundamentally disagree with this assumption. Having said that, any person regardless of their generation has to reject the urge to feel entitled and embrace the process of working for what they earn.

This doesn't mean people can't help you or you should seek out assistance from others, but it is a shift in thinking that achieving anything great isn't going to be handed to you. Your business or ideas will never reach their peak if you don't embrace the process and do the work.

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