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Eco-Friendly Technology Advances That Lower Operational Costs

Just like anything else in business, trends in green tech are always evolving.

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BY Young Entrepreneur Council - 03 Aug 2018

Eco-Friendly Technology Advances That Lower Operational Costs

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

By Zev Herman, President of Superior Lighting.

I'm passionate about showing people that helping the environment and helping your bottom line go hand in hand. You would be surprised at some of the benefits that come with using greener methods of operation. Beyond saving money, which may be invested back into your business, going green helps you cut down on clutter, which improves mental clarity and peace of mind. Let's explore some technology advances that lower operational costs.

Laser-Activated Water Dispensers: Reduce the Use of Plastic Bottles

Plastic takes so long to degrade that it serves as a threat to the environment. The sad truth is, not all plastic bottles can be recycled and many are never sent to be recycled in the first place. You can do your part to cut down on the massive piles of used bottles obstructing ecological processes by installing laser-activated water dispensers.

Adding some branded aluminum bottles lets you promote your company while giving your employees an easy alternative to bringing a new plastic bottle to work every single day. Choose a high-efficiency dispenser to reduce electrical costs as well.

Supplement Lights With Natural Sunshine Using Smart Windows

When your employees are more efficient, you make more money. Studies have shown that windows that adjust their tint to let in the optimal amount of sunlight can improve the mood and increase the focus of employees in your office. These can be used to supplement or replace indoor lighting depending on the weather, season and the architecture of your building, thus saving money on utility bills, while reducing the amount of coal dynamos need to burn to keep your office illuminated.

Be Open-Minded About Telecommuting

The more people your location is designed to support, the more operational costs you're going to incur. More people mean more paper water cups (assuming you use anything of the kind) more napkins from the dispenser and more utilities running in additional rooms. It often means more people driving (though I encourage a strong carpooling technology at any business).

In the digital era, there is a wealth of options for communication via technology that can eliminate the need for an employee to be in the office day in or day out. For example, you might have software developers, technology support team members or marketers who are able to perform all their work off-site. Video chats and instant messaging apps of all kinds make this more realistic all the time. Cloud technology can also help you with much of your data storage and organization.

Green Technology Is Always Evolving

I'm always looking for ways to mine one decision I make for multiple opportunities. When I add a new piece of green technology to my operational process, I know that I have a new reason people can choose to partner with me. I know I have a new way to attract young, passionate employees. I know I have a way to market myself in comparison to the competition. On top of that, I get to help my bottom line while doing my part to preserve the environment. As far as I'm concerned, it's win-win.

Zev Herman is an entrepreneur focused on growing wholesale light bulb and lighting business, Superior Lighting. Specializes in energy-efficient lighting design and retrofits.

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