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6 High-Tech Apparel Products to Give You a Confidence Boost at Every Job Interview

Look sharp, and don’t sweat it. These clothing products are high-tech and trendy.

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BY John Brandon - 30 Aug 2018

6 High-Tech Apparel Products to Give You a Confidence Boost at Every Job Interview

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

You might think it's shallow or not that important, but how you look during an interview can make a big difference. Even though we are living in a time when candidates are thoroughly screened, sometimes through text messaging or video interviews, at some point you will meet face to face and you'll want to make a good first impression--before anyone even shakes your hand. These products are new, trendy, and make a bold statement. (Sorry these are all for men, since I've seen all these products in person.)

1. Bluffworks Classic Gramercy Blazer ($295)

This trendy apparel company just released a new blazer this year. It's made of a breathable and stretchable polyester material, but what I like best is that there are hidden pockets for a credit card or other items (one has a zipper to avoid pickpockets). Downside: Non-techies might not need the pockets in a suit jacket.

2. Smartwool Chambray Short Sleeve ($100)

This apparel company makes products that breathe easily but also keep you warm when needed. The Chambray is made of a wool and cotton blend, and has a smart and slim design. Downside: Might be too slim for some, even in the right size.

3. Eddie Bauer Venatrex Long Sleeve Shirt ($70)

Another high-tech shirt, this one from Eddie Bauer, the Venatrax uses small perforated vents in the fabric to help it breathe, and uses moisture wicking to keep you dry. Downside: Feels a bit hot if the fall weather doesn't stay cool.

4. Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit Jacket ($495)

Not many blazers are machine-washable, plus the Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit Jacket stretches in four different directions (I even tried one on a bike commute recently). Downside: A bit spendy.

5. Stio Rammel Blazer ($279)

Another smart apparel product, the Stio Rammel Blazer has an interior pocket for gadgets with an access port, and the blazer is super-stretchy and comfortable to wear. Downside: This brand is a bit casual and meant for outdoor activities.

6. Under Armour Storm Sweaterfleece ($70)

A high-tech fleece that repels water in the rain, the UA Storm Sweaterfleece doubles as a normal interview-appropriate sweater. It's warm and breathable at the same time. Downside: Some of the colors are a bit bright.

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