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It’s National Intern Day. And With 6 Words, Monica Lewinsky Owned It

I didn’t even know this was a thing. Neither did she. But she won the day anyway.

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BY Bill Murphy Jr. - 27 Jul 2018

It's National Intern Day. And With 6 Words, Monica Lewinsky Owned It

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Today is National Intern Day! (Or else by the time you read this, maybe yesterday was National Intern Day.)

I didn't even know this was a thing, until there were only about 52 minutes left in the day. But it's worth remembering for me, since I started my career as an intern, at a London magazine called Nine to Five, back in the 1990s.

Maybe you had a similar experience. They didn't pay me in cash, but they bought all my drinks. That's the way it was in England then.

Plus, I got a lot of free concert and theater tickets, and lots of bylines that somehow helped me launch a career. Also, stories. I got a lot of stories that I'm still telling--more years later than I'd like to admit.

A lot of other people started that way, too. Underpaid, overworked, and at the bottom of the pecking order. Happy just to get a foot in the door as an intern, waiting tables or tending bar at night to make rent.

Or else relying on the Mom & Dad Savings & Loan.

One of our fellow former interns became a lot more famous than most of us. And when she learned at the last minute today that this pseudo-holiday exists, she took to Twitter.

Yeah, Monica Lewinsky wins. America probably should have been a lot nicer to her back then. But she who laughs last, laughs best.

HuffPost explains the origin of the commemorative day, which was apparently started by a company called WayUp:

Participants in the day are encouraged to "celebrate" their low-paid or unpaid temporary staffers by giving them lunch and making (probably self-serving) social media posts using the hashtag #NationalInternDay.

It should be noted that the press release for the event doesn't suggest paying interns a fair wage, providing health care, or offering any long-term benefits beyond some pizza or sandwiches.

So, Lewinsky. Pay it back to her, by paying it forward to your interns. Be nice to them today. Or tomorrow. Heck, everyday.

They'll probably be your bosses before long anyway.



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