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Imagine How You’ll Feel on May 17, If You Start a 100-Day Goal Today

There are 100 days between October 10 and January 18. What if you decided to change something big during that time?

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BY Bill Murphy Jr. - 07 Feb 2018

Imagine How You'll Feel on May 17, If You Start a 100-Day Goal Today

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

It's too late for a New Year's resolution. But it's not too late to accomplish big goals this year.

Let me explain. Last year, I was thinking about a few times I've set a big goal and achieved it over the course of my life. I realized that I was often working on a timetable of 100 days.

So I wrote an article explaining the process. It prompted a lot of replies, and I asked some of the people who'd responded if they'd want to try a 100-day challenge together.

The idea was that by checking in online and supporting each other, we'd increase the odds that any of us would reach the finish line.

I'd also wanted to experiment with creating and running a Facebook group, so we used that to get going. Over 2,000 people joined, and several hundred tried to stick to the 100-day challenge for the end of 2017, which ran from last October to January.

Their goals were varied. The largest contingent wanted to lose weight or achieve a fitness goal. Others had artistic goals in mind, like writing a book, painting, or doing something in music. Many had business-related goals, too--including increasing sales, raising money for a startup or launching a blog or podcast.

My personal goal was to achieve specific milestones in a personal memoir that I've wanted to write for years. After 100 days, I did 14 of the 15 interviews I'd hoped to conduct. The total transcripts and roughed-out writing ran about 100,000 words.

So it was close, and a lot closer than I would have been had I not had the 100-day clock ticking in the back of my mind. And that's okay. A lot of other people enjoyed similar levels of success.

The best thing about doing a 100-day challenge, however, as opposed to trying to achieve a yearlong resolution, is that there are 365 days in a year. That means you could actually accomplish three 100-day challenges, and still have the equivalent of two months left over.

So, we took a poll, and the members of the group voted to try another 100-day challenge together. Many are starting today, February 7.

There's an optional process you can use, that I've found useful, in order to maximize the chance of success. The key is to identify a goal that is:

  • worthy
  • quantifiable, and
  • at least arguably achievable

Then, you'll want to set up milestone dates within your 100 day plan, identify the progress you'd like to have made by the time you reach each milestone, and finally, be scrupulous about tracking your outputs as time goes by. (The process is described in greater detail in the group and the original article.)

Based on a 100-day plan starting February 7, we'd identify three milestone dates:

  • March 8 (30 days)
  • April 7 (60 days)
  • May 7 (90 days) and
  • May 17 (finish line)

As of this writing over 100 people have signed on this time. Perhaps you'll be inspired to give it a shot, too. Check out the group, and let us know your goals in the comments.

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