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How Instagram Made Its New York Office Highly Instagrammable

It’s a case study in how to break through bland cubicle walls.

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BY Michelle Cheng - 22 Aug 2018

How Instagram Made Its New York Office Highly Instagrammable

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

First, a disclaimer: Of course, your first priority when designing your office shouldn't be how it's going to look on social media. Functionality and flexibility are paramount.

That being said, it doesn't hurt to make your space fun and easy on the eyes, for both employees and visitors. Beauty can inspire creativity, after all.

Since Instagram, naturally, knows what makes a killer Instagram pic and designed its New York City office accordingly, Inc. toured the space to find out how it added unusual flair.


1. An abundance of plants.

Spanning the height of two floors near giant windows is the living plant wall. The bright orange chairs offer a nice pop of color. According to the company, the corner has become one of the hottest spots for employees to work. Maybe it's because plants have been proven to inspire productivity and creativity.

2. Rich color in small doses.

The company says it's always looking to make its space more Instagrammable. This gradient-splashed wall, in the colors of Instagram's logo, has become a popular backdrop for #OOTD (outfit of the day) shots.

3. Loads of natural light.

A giant mirror right next to sprawling windows can be found on the top of the 14th floor stairwell. It wasn't intended to become a photo spot, but because of the flood of natural light, it quickly became the most popular corner in the office to take a selfie.

4. A totally unexpected piece of eye candy.

Instagram's mini conference room is not exactly practical for an hour-long meeting--or any meeting for that matter. And that's exactly the point. The room is a conversation starter and an irresistible backdrop for talent that comes to the office--from Victoria Beckham to SZA--who then share the photos on Instagram or Facebook. Other Instagram offices have followed suit: The DC branch has its own mini oval office.

5. A space for employees to make their own.

Upon entering the office, one of the first things you see is a small seating area, outfitted with modular, moveable furniture and a colorful dome backdrop. Anyone can control the overhead lighting grid. Instagram uses the spot for gatherings and casual meetings. Employees love it, not just because it's visually interesting but also because they've made it their own: over time, they've left random things including a disco ball, teddy bear, and rainbow umbrella.

Want to see more pics of Instagram's space? Check out this year's World's Coolest Offices list.

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