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Is Your Org Chart Hindering Your Company’s Growth? Here’s How to Know

Five fast-growth founders on how they knew it was time for a reorg.

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BY Kate Rockwood - 05 Nov 2018

Is Your Org Chart Hindering Your Company's Growth? Here's How to Know

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Inc. 5000 honorees tell us how they would tackle a common business challenge. This month: When did you know you needed a reorg?

Betsy Mikesell

Co-founder and CEO, Beddy's (consumer products and services)

"I started the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program, and it stressed that we had to work on our business, not in it. But that felt impossible! We'd schedule strategy meetings, and they'd get crowded out by tedious tasks. I'm a control freak, but as we grew, there just weren't enough hours in the day. We finally reorged into two teams, with two managers who report up to the co-founders."

No. 270 2018 Rank | 1,817% Growth | $4.8M Revenue

Ali Grant

Founder and CEO, Be Social (advertising and marketing)

"Staff members didn't want to come to me first, but they didn't have anyone else to go to when a client requested something out of scope. So teams were consistently delivering more work than we were paid to do. Now that we have a clear hierarchy, people aren't grinding out that extra work or sweeping it under the rug."

No. 542 2018 Rank | 926% Growth | $3.5M Revenue

Amy Norman

Co-founder and co-CEO, Little Passports (consumer products and services)

"The engineering team came to us with ideas to improve the user experience of our website. But we're not tech experts; we couldn't quickly assess which ideas were phenomenal. That's when it was clear we needed to reorg."

No. 1,387 2018 Rank | 341% Growth | $23.6M Revenue

Kory Stevens

Co-founder and CEO, Taft (consumer products and services)

"People started asking things like: 'Who do I request time off from?' and 'Who's my direct report?' and 'Who's on my team?' And they were frustrated that I didn't have immediate answers. It was hindering our culture, and that meant it was time to change."

No. 56 2018 Rank | 4,795% Growth | $5.7M Revenue

Michael Moran

Founder and CEO, Private Label Extensions (consumer products and services)

"When we didn't have much staff, everyone naturally did a bit of everything. We reached our breaking point during our busiest season last year, when I saw leadership handling customer calls. I realized I could hire someone a lot less expensive for the small tasks while those leaders helped grow the business--but only if we gave people clear roles to own."

No. 278 2018 Rank | 1,776% Growth | $4.2M Revenue

Rankings and data are taken from the 2018 Inc. 5000: Growth is calculated from 2014 to 2017; revenue is from 2017.

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