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5 TED Talks That Will Make You Feel More Powerful

Want to feel a little more confident and in charge? All you need is 20 minutes and an internet connection.

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BY Jessica Stillman - 30 Aug 2018

5 TED Talks That Will Make You Feel More Powerful

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

The good news is that these days there are so many awesome TED talks that you can learn about basically any subject from the organization's legion of smart speakers. The bad news is that because there are so many worthwhile talks out there it can sometimes be hard to find just the right one to suit your mood or situation.

Helpfully, TED is on the case, curating lists of talks to match whatever question or problem might be troubling you. And one recent list is sure to be of particular interest to entrepreneurs and business leaders. It together all the best talks to boost your confidence and increase your sense of personal power. Not a bad result for just 20 minutes of enjoyable viewing.

1. More confidence, more money

If you want more confidence to ask for more money from your boss or clients, then this talk from pricing consultant Casey Brown is for you. In it, she shares "learnings that can help you better communicate your value and get paid for your excellence," according to TED.

2. Stop being a doormat

This one from Columbia University social psychologist Adam Galinsky is ideal for all you kind-hearted souls out there who sometimes take niceness too far. The talk will teach you to "assert yourself, navigate tricky social situations and expand your personal power," advertises TED.

3. Knowledge is power

Raising your earning power isn't just about knowing what you're worth. It's also about knowing what your colleagues are worth, according to management researcher David Burkus. That's why he argues that we should all get over our shyness and talk openly about our salaries.

4. The career secrets no one told you

The usual career advice everyone gets won't differentiate you from the crowd. This less often shared but super valuable advice from Leading Women CEO Susan Colantuono will.

5. What women should do differently

And, of course, no list of talks on empowerment would be complete without Facebook COO and Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg. In this talk she offers "three powerful pieces of advice to women aiming for the C-suite," says TED, but the tips are no doubt applicable no matter what sort of high powered position you're aiming for.


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