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The Uber of Content is Ready to Drive

Thanks to Seekscribe, quality branded content for your start-up is now only a click away

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BY Tricia V. Morente - 13 Nov 2017

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

With disruptive technologies enabling consumers to choose the kind of ads and content they see and don’t see, brands are turning to more creative means of storytelling to cut through the clutter of mediocre content proliferating the web today.

Often called native advertising, branded storytelling—which can range from written stories, images and videos, to podcasts and whitepapers—is forecasted to be a more than $60 billion industry by 2018. Largely powered by the gig economy, which comprise freelance writers and content producers, the branded content industry is still new and evolving. As such, it still lacks the high-quality editorial standards that today’s band of tech-savvy content consumers have come to expect.

It’s in this space that content-on-demand portal Seekscribe is looking to sink its teeth into. Seekscribe recognizes that content plays a central role in the way brands win mindshare with consumers. With its network of experienced media professionals or “scribes” trained in high-standard content protocols and a team of experienced in-house editors available 24/7, Seekscribe enables small, medium, and large businesses to amplify their online presence and engagement with consumers through quality content produced for as low as $100-$150.

According to Neel Chowdhury, co-founder of Seekscribe, how the portal works is pretty straightforward. “A brand/client who already has a good idea of the content they want can simply engage in the platform, where they are automatically matched by the Seekscribe Editor’s Desk with a scribe,” he says, adding that, as of launch date, Seekscribe already has a 30-strong team of scribes that can deliver content within a 24-hour period.

While sites offering outsourced branded content aren’t exactly new—some of Seekscribe’s competition include Newscred, Fiverr, and Contently—what differentiates this portal is that it is a one-stop shop for brands. From ideation to content creation to posting in digital news portals under Sycamore Media Holdings, one of which includes Inc. Southeast Asia, the sole regional licensee of the Inc. global brand, clients generate traffic for their brands from day one.

Evolution of content

“Seekscribe’s role is collaborative—we suggest visuals and ideas and then produce something that not only achieves the client’s objective, but at the same time ensure content is engaging and visually attractive,” relates co-founder Kiron Bose, adding that Seekscribe is also video-centric—an increasingly important yet overlooked medium by brands today.

“With humanity collectively consuming one billion hours of YouTube content each day, video is a not just a medium consumers are familiar and feel comfortable with; it’s usually the first medium they look to for authoritative information,” affirms Eylon Cohen, Vice President and General Manager, Kaltura APAC, Enterprise and Education. “Moving ahead, we expect video to continue playing a central role with the rapid growth of immersive content, comprising frontier technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality that hold the potential to further change how brands interact with their audience,” he adds.

With video set to take up 79% of consumer Internet traffic by 2018, as stated in this report by MWP, and with 51% of marketing professionals worldwide naming video as the type of content with the most ROI, it’s a great tool to have in one’s brand advertising arsenal.

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