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This Singapore Start-up Sees Opportunity in Wastewater

EcoWorth looks at waste to worth opportunities

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BY Ezra Ferraz - 05 Apr 2018

This Singapore Start-up Sees Opportunity in Wastewater

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

While most of us use and drink water without so much thought, Andre Stolz, the CEO of Singapore’s EcoWorth Tech Pte. Ltd, looked at it and recognized an opportunity to innovate.

According to Stolz, most solutions that remove organic contaminants from wastewater are subpar and inefficient. They create no value out of the waste and even generate secondary waste.

EcoWorth addresses these issues through a proprietary solution that can treat contaminated water, polluted water, and wastewater.

“Our solution offers better absorption performance than current technology and is non-toxic, natural, and recyclable. The material can be made using a range of cellulosic waste biomass, [offering] companies and countries waste to worth opportunities,” says Stolz.

He adds that their solution centers around a Carbon Fibre Aerogel (CFA) that can absorb a wide variety of organic materials.

“Our clients no longer need to pay costly third-parties for waste disposal. [They] can re-use or recycle the water, and for some applications, the biggest opportunity might come from the re-use or recycling of the absorbed organics. The latter has stirred a huge interest from the industries since this is seen as a breakthrough,” explains Stolz.

Waste to worth opportunities

EcoWorth’s technology can be integrated with other existing treatment solutions. Stolz says that EcoWorth focuses solely on the removal of organic materials since wastewater has a complex composition and requires multiple steps to become water that is safe to drink.

“[We] are focusing on waste-to-worth opportunities, [for instance] using waste biomass to convert to the CFA material and then absorb and recuperate other organic waste streams and turn them into value-adds,” he says. “Since our solution is easy to integrate into existing treatment solutions as well as can be combined with subsequent treatment steps, we could help our clients to achieve recycled water that is drinkable.”

EcoWorth’s business model draws on multiple revenue streams: One, they sell the CFA materials via cartridges and fillers; two, they sell the wastewater treatment system; and three, they can maintain the system and exchange cartridges.

EcoWorth has successfully raised seed funding and has initiated pilot trials with two strategic industry partners.

“The results from these pilot trials will validate the absorbency performance, recuperation capability, determine the equipment design, and ultimately validate our financial model,” says Stolz, adding that the company is also seeking strategic partnerships in testing, application development, and funding.

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