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Stuck in Traffic? Here’s a Start-up That Lets You Earn While Driving

StickEarn connects drivers to brands who want to advertise on their vehicles

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BY Ezra Ferraz - 01 Mar 2018

Stuck in Traffic? Here’s a Start-up That Lets You Earn While Driving

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

For commuters, Southeast Asia’s traffic-clogged streets are a pain, but for advertisers they see opportunity. In Jakarta, for instance, Indonesians spend hours a day on the road, whether they are driving or taking public transport. And yet, vehicle advertising like in Singapore or the United States is still in its early stages.

It is against this backdrop that co-founders Garry Limanata, Sugito Alim, Hartanto Alim and Archie Carlson launched StickEarn, a platform that connects drivers to brands who want to advertise on their vehicles. According to StickEarn’s website, drivers have their cars wrapped in ads and get paid per kilometer for driving in specific areas chosen by the brands.

Brands, of course, can place advertisements anywhere, but Limanata feels there are several advantages to other mediums.

“Compared to other advertisement channels, car advertising can increase the reach—broader area and more people—better as the cars are moving and many more people can see one kind of advertisement at the same time,” says Limanata, noting that vehicle advertising is also cheaper than alternatives like billboards.

StickEarn’s platform also makes it easier for both sides of the marketplace to conduct their vehicle advertising.

“The vehicle advertisement we do is supported by a proprietary technology—a mobile application for the driver and a dashboard on the website for the clients. In this way, everything is measurable and can be tracked in real time,” he says.

The company also provides offline opportunities for clients to engage with customers. “We do in-car advertisement and activation—helping brands connect with their customers in a more interactive way,” Limanata adds.

StickEarn now counts 50 brands across multiple industries as clients, and they are available in 17 major cities across the country. For car owners, the company relies on a third-party provider to connect with them, and together they have on-boarded 100,000 thousand partners to the platform.

The company has also raised $1 million in seed funding from venture capital firm East Ventures, which will help the company’s plans for 2018.

“Apart from continuing the great work on car advertisement, we will keep innovating in order to support our stakeholders with their business. At the moment, our R&D is finalizing our new products that will be launched later this year,” says Limanata.

For other entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia who may also want to build a successful platform, Limanta advises, “The first thing is to have a solid business model that includes concrete and achievable objectives. The next step is managing and running the business with passion and dedication,” he says.

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