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This Startup Wants to Help You Hire the Right Person in One Week

Ditch the CV and go with the video profile

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BY Ezra Ferraz - 26 May 2017

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Now active in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand, job portal TribeHired was founded not only to solve one problem, but several.

“We wanted to fix three critical roadblocks in hiring - speed (make hiring really fast); quality (make hiring process really efficient) and fairness (give power back to job-seekers),” says founder and chief operating officer, Ajay Singh Sangwan.

According to Sangwan, they were able to deliver on these goals with the first version of TribeHired. By getting companies to compete for talent, they were able to reduce the hiring process to only one week.

TribeHired offers many benefits for employers, as well. Sangwan says that there are no time-intensive job postings or resume searches - talents are recommended to them that suit their particular need. They also get to evaluate these job seekers in a much different way.

Instead of trying to glean whether someone would be a fit from a single-page CV, TribeHired offers video profiles of prospective candidates. “So differentiation is not an issue as we’re the only company doing this efficiently,” Sangwan notes of the feature.

If a company likes someone, they can “hire by clicking a button,” Sangwan says, adding that they pay only upon hiring a candidate.

While this ease of hiring may be attractive to some companies, it’s harder for more traditional firms to get used to this method.

“[The] hiring industry is old, rusted, and firms are reluctant to change their hiring policies. To scale we have tried various strategies to work with clients and create fast hiring processes. Most prominent being agile recruitment,” he says.

TribeHired’s efforts have paid off. In addition to the base of tech companies that would be receptive to a job portal like TribeHired, they’ve now gotten even more traditional multinational corporations and small-and-medium enterprises to embrace the platform.

Get companies to compete for you

TribeHired is arguably even more valuable for job seekers. Signing up for the platform as a job seeker is free, and Sangwan says each person can expect on average between two to four job offers in a week.

“When companies compete for you - there is a chance for landing better salary offers,” Sangwan explains.

The tangible benefits can also be in terms of time. If TribeHired reduces the length of a job search, candidates can begin earning sooner, especially if they are fresh out of university, or pull in their higher salary sooner if they are transferring from job to job.

On some occasions, TribeHired has even cut the job search down to as little as a few hours.

“One unforgettable experience was when we had a couple of university graduates hired within 2 hours of going live on our platform - our system makes it possible for employers and candidates to match at a high level and interact efficiently to close deals with our help,” says Sangwan, who encourages people to check out TribeHired’s reviews on Facebook.

Sangwan says they are currently getting at least one person hired per day in the tech industry alone. “Name me another job portal or recruiter that has achieved that?” he asks, adding, “We’re now working towards getting two people hired daily.”

In terms of TribeHired’s reach, they are focusing on global expansion and planning to enter 10 new cities by 2020.

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