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This Start-up Wants to Dominate the Tech Events Space in the Philippines

Redwizard focuses on a niche that few of their competitors operate in

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BY Ezra Ferraz - 18 Sep 2017

tech events

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

If you want to create an event for your company or industry, you would be well-served to look to Elaine B. Cedillo, co-founder and chief event strategist of Redwizard Events, for inspiration. While many events companies are often generalists, Redwizard has focused on a niche that few of their competitors operate in: tech.

Cedillo admits she formed Redwizard Events almost on a whim. “We formed Redwizard Events by accident. Right after organizing the longest hackathon in Manila with Princeton University, we felt that there is a potential…to educate through technology and innovative events,” she says.

According to Cedillo, Redwizard’s first two years in operation were difficult. She shares that they were having a hard time determining the best direction for the company and qualifying which opportunities to pursue.

She fought through this difficult period by — like many of the start-ups and tech companies she seeks to help through Redwizard — focusing on her team.

“Since running an events management company is very task-oriented, you have to have an eye for detail, and if you don’t have a team that shares the same dedication, there is a big chance that the output will be a failure,” she says.

Cedillo strove to find the right combination of co-founders and coworkers and assigned them an area of responsibility that highlighted their strengths.

“We also try to maintain a happy working environment not just during events but even during the preparation period — we treat those who are working for us as a teammate, so they can feel that this is their event, their concept and their company,” she says.

Cedillo’s approach to events management is paying off. Redwizard now has a number of signature events. Hack the Climate, the eco-themed hackathon that jumpstarted Redwizard, has now been running for four years and counts Princeton University, Watson University, OMLopez Center, and NICP as partners.

And since Cedillo believes the Internet of things (IoT) will be the next big thing in technology, she organized IoT Summit Philippines.

“It is the first Internet of things event that is open to all and we showcased it in a way that even a non-techie visitor can understand what it is.  We’ve run it for two years and we are planning to take it also outside Metro Manila,” says Cedillo, who has also organized GameCon, as she believes game development and robotics are also on the rise regionally.

Many tech start-ups and companies may want to put on their own programming to achieve everything from lead generation to brand building. Cedillo had plenty of advice for them.

“They have to understand first how technology works and its ecosystem. You also have to have a mission so you can create events that matter and are relevant. But the core reason why we are doing what we do is to educate people especially millennials through the use of technology,” she says.

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