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This Singapore Start-up is Changing the Way Businesses Use Video to Interact with Consumers

Wootag’s interactive video platform is marrying content and commerce

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BY Tricia V. Morente - 19 Jan 2018

This Singapore Start-up is Changing the Way Businesses Use Video to Interact with Consumers

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

This scenario probably sounds familiar: It’s the end of a long day, and you’re watching Black Mirror on Netflix. While sitting through the latest mind-blowing episode, the shirt an actor is wearing catches your eye. You hit pause, spend a chunk of time looking for a similar one online, make a purchase, and carry on.

Here’s another one: You’re on Youtube watching a video of The Foo Fighters in a music festival, and you’re suddenly itching to watch them live. You press pause, go on a different tab to search for concert information, book the tickets (or put if off for later), and carry on watching.

Wootag, a Singapore-based interactive video marketing platform, enables viewers to cut down on the time it takes to complete that series of actions.

By giving viewers the power to buy/dig deeper on products/events/services within the videos, the need to hit that pause button is eliminated.

Necessity is the mother of invention

With Wootag, “when a viewer is watching a video—any video from any source—they’re not only consuming content but can also engage in commercial activity within the video,” explains Raj Sunder, founder and CEO, whose lightbulb moment for the platform was sparked by a desire to own the same pair of sunglasses an actor was wearing in a movie.

A fruitless online search had left Sunder frustrated, thinking how it would’ve been easier if information on the brand were readily available by simply clicking on the sunglasses on screen.

“I felt the idea—marrying content with commerce—was something new, something that has never been done before, and I just wanted to start doing it,” recounts Sunder, who was building video solutions for the Indonesian market at that time, in 2014. “When I started working on what would be Wootag part-time, I got so addicted that I eventually ended up calling it quits on my job,” he shares.

Three and a half years later, Sunder’s interactive video platform is now present in seven countries, having worked on over 2,000 interactive videos from 500+ companies worldwide, across various industries. “We work with retail fashion brands like Zalora, FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) brands like Unilever and Nestle, food and beverage brands, talent and tourism,” shares Sunder.

Real time engagement and analytics

Beyond being a tool that enables online purchase within videos, Wootag’s applications are wide-ranging. “You could be watching a BMW video and book a test drive using the platform. We’ve also recently worked with the Women’s Tennis Association, and for an event held in Singapore last year, our technology was used to book tickets for the event while watching a tennis video,” he informs.

For a brand or advertiser, working with the Wootag platform also makes for better—and measurable—engagement. Whereas in traditional advertising, it’s quite tricky to determine whether an exorbitantly produced TV commercial actually helped boost sales or generate a business opportunity, business are able to get a far more vivid picture of their consumers.

What makes Wootag revolutionary is its ability to track different engagement metrics in real time—and that means invaluable data for brands. “Videos are not only meant for human eyes, but with Wootag, we can also drive human touch. And that touch could convert into commerce, online or offline, or any transactional experience which you can measure. That’s the change we are bringing here,” ends Sunder.

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