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How the Power of Period Can Help You Live the Life You Want (And Be a Better Woman Entrepreneur)

Lies in every woman’s womb is the cycle for creating a life that she wants

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BY Pauline Mendoza - 08 Jan 2018

How the Power of Period Can Help You Live the Life You Want (And Be a Better Woman Entrepreneur)

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Gross. Hassle. A huge discomfort. As women, these are the words that come up when we think of — yes, the word we almost never utter in professional settings — menstruation.

In a TEDxWomen event held in Makati City, Philippines last November, embodiment facilitator and energy management coach Dona Tumacder-Esteban talked about what all women normally experience — their period.

On average and assuming a balanced menstrual cycle, a woman bleeds five days a month. If you multiply that to the number of months per year, you get sixty days. Menstrual cycle occurs in a woman’s life for about 40 years, on average — so multiply 60 days by 40 years, you get 2,400 days of menstruating in a woman’s life.

“2,400 days in a woman’s life, this is what they’re making [them] feel – shame, [weakness, disgust] — that we are cursed. How can we embrace ourselves fully as women and be the full fierce self that we are if 2,400 days in our lifetime, this is what is embedded in us,” Tumacder-Esteban says.

In her talk, Tumacder-Esteban shares how women can harness the power of their period and use it to live the life they want and be better at what they do. She shares the different phases women experience and how they can maximize these by changing their mindset.

She says every phase has a “beautiful hormonal cocktail” that women can take advantage of. They just have to listen to their body and know where they are in their flow.

“Embedded in each and every woman’s womb is the creative cycle that we can also use to create the life that we want,” Tumacder-Esteban shares.

Follicular phase

This is the time right after one’s period. The hormonal cocktail at that time is the rise of estrogen. Tumacder-Esteban states that this is the time when women become more confident because of the hormonal change. Creativity is also higher in this phase.

Starting a new venture? Taking a big step in your career? As a woman entrepreneur, this phase can be the perfect time to do that.


Tumacder-Esteban says that during the time of ovulation is when women are most expressive, open, and receptive. A woman’s body is supporting her to share ideas more clearly and indulge in productive discussions. This can be the best time to schedule talks, planning sessions, creative discussions, and other brainstorming sessions in your start-up.

Luteal Phase

This is the phase where the body still thinks, ‘Oh, I might get pregnant,’ so it prepares everything that is needed by the body for that scenario. The hormonal flow of a woman’s body in this phase gives her more focus. As a career woman, this is the time to get even more things done and complete even more tasks.

Blood Phase

As the name suggests, this is the time when a woman bleeds. The body is letting go of what is no longer needed. There can be feelings of discomfort physically and emotionally, but this is the time when women can reflect and evaluate more. As their bodies detoxify, they can think of what they need to let go of as well: a bad workplace habit, inefficient business strategies, or a negative mindset.

Tumacder-Esteban tells women: “The period is a blessing. It can detoxify. It can create. Connect yourself first. Track your period. Observe yourself. Get intimate with yourself. Notice the shifts that happen to you as you shift your lifestyle. And then tell others. Create wider and wider circles. This is how we can change the world. One womb at a time.”

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