Malaysia’s Adventoro Wants to Promote Adventure Tourism in Southeast Asia

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BY Ezra Ferraz - 25 Jan 2018

Malaysia’s Adventoro Wants to Promote Adventure Tourism in Southeast Asia

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If you ask Ken Lau, CEO and founder of Malaysian booking platform, what his goal is, it’s opening up local and international travelers, who prefer urban-centric tours, to more bucket list-worthy adventures.

An avid traveler, Lau founded after over ten years of experiencing pain points in both the travel industry and adventure tourism. These include limited selection on individual platforms, few operators offering instant confirmation, no response to adventure tourism-related inquiries, and unregulated pricing

To be sure, as far as activity and tour booking platforms go, there are many. However, differentiates itself by focusing on adventure tourism, with approximately half of their tours and activities are exclusive to the platform. These listings serve’s general target market of 20 to 35-year-old travelers, and cleave within two traveler types.

The first group includes local Malaysians who want day-long or weekend trips, which are just two to three hours away from Kuala Lumpur. The second group includes international travelers who are looking for more adventure.

“Example of these trips include Hiking Mount Kinabalu, coming face-to-face with Proboscis Monkeys in Borneo, and visiting one of the oldest rainforests in the world — Taman Negara Malaysia,” says Lau. now offers more than 500 tours and activities in Malaysia, which Lau claims may make the platform the largest provider of adventure tourism in the country. Each of these listings is also curated by, so users don’t have to waste time filtering through postings from multiple operators offering a duplicate or nearly identical tour or activity.

On the demand side, the company has experienced month-on-month growth of 30%, and Lau has added a concierge system to increase the already high number of inquiries.

“We realized that approximately 90% of our transactions engage with us at least once before buying a tour or activity. We are happy to build on this unique selling proposition to cater to our travellers,” says Lau.

The response has been positive and Lau plans to offer tours and activities in Singapore in early 2018 and other countries over the first two quarters of the year. He believes that Southeast Asia is well suited for adventure tourism.

“Blessed with wonderful landscape and archipelago, perfect for adventure tourism through national parks and wonderful marine life. The climate in Southeast Asia is perfect for all year round travel, too,” he says.

Lau is bullish overall on the promise of adventure tourism for Southeast Asia.

“The truth is this region especially Malaysia is blessed with many beautiful and ‘bucket-list’ worthy adventures. Adventure tourism is under-represented at the moment and it is our inspiration to promote to travellers to visit these amazing places,” he says.

Lau also points out that adventure tourism is growing at a double-digit rate on a year-on-year basis.

“We hope this trend will not only continue but will grow even faster. Generally, it is preferred by Western travelers, but we hope other travellers will grow to appreciate adventures more in the near future,” he says.

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