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Looking for Podcasts from Asia? Here are 3 to Get You Started

Auditory learners, these are for you

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BY Lian Kyla Dyogi - 11 Apr 2017

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Podcasts are a great way for entrepreneurs to learn something new and feel connected to a larger community.

“When you’re starting out as an entrepreneur, the journey can be a very lonely one…It can oftentimes be challenging to find someone to talk to about these things. I’ve found that by listening to podcasts while I go about the more mindless parts of my day (commuting, working out, doing chores), not only do I learn so much and get so many ideas, but I also feel less alone,” shares Arriane Serafico, teacher and entrepreneur from the Philippines.

Whether you’re a podcast noob or a serial marathoner of the Tim Ferris Show or StartUp by Gimlet Media, it can be hard to find Asian podcasts. But don’t be dismayed.

Here are three podcasts Southeast Asian entrepreneurs can start listening to right now.


1. Analyse Asia

If you’re looking for a business podcast that’s comprehensive in its analysis of the business and tech scene in Asia, this is the podcast for you. Hosted by Bernard Leong, Analyse Asia stays true to its name by bringing in reporters, business leaders, and thought leaders helming start-ups to VC firms.

Of the vision behind the podcast, Leong writes on the podcast’s main site: “There is very little information about Asian companies and how they actually innovate within their challenging and difficult environments. The purpose of the podcast is to highlight how these companies found their competitive advantages and provide the audience from other parts of the world insights into how Asia is finding its feet on the ground in the areas of business, technology, and media.”

The podcasts’ coverage is wide-reaching, including ecosystems in China, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. While there aren’t a lot of episodes solely devoted to the Southeast Asian region, entrepreneurs might find these two of interest:

• Episode 143: Alibaba vs. Amazon in Southeast Asia with Jon Russell

• Episode 137: Map of the Money in Southeast Asia with Arnaud Bonzom

While this podcast certainly won’t get you away from thinking about work, this meaty podcast has something to offer to new and veteran entrepreneurs alike.


2. The Jay Kim Show

Hosted by Hong Kong-based entrepreneur Jay Kim, The Jay Kim Show is a new addition to the

not-so-crowded Asian business/entrepreneur podcasting scene. Here, Kim sits down “with the world’s most brilliant minds in business, investing, and entrepreneurship,” as his introduction in each episode goes. While both Kim and Leong’s podcasts are of the same one-on-one interview style, their approaches are different. While Leong’s podcast seems to take apart the trends and the ecosystems in Asia, Kim’s podcast has a more inspirational/self-help touch.

“At the beginning of the year I like to make 6 and 12 month goals and then I have a bigger vision but I work towards daily, monthly, yearly actions to achieve the bigger vision,” says author and former pro-athlete Lewis Howes in one episode when asked about his vision and how he achieves it.

Like Howes, Kim brings in other guests outside of Asia and presents them to an Asian audience, such as Gary Vaynerchuck and Ramit Sethi. He even interviewed Bernard Leong. The show covers enough wide-reaching topics, from dealing with failure to networking—useful to various entrepreneurs.


3. The Purposeful Creative

What began as a passion project for Serafico is now a podcast with a growing following. “I’ve always wanted to start a podcast, but have always been intimidated about how to do it, or what topic to hone in on. But I challenged myself to create and launch my podcast prototype in 6 weeks, and so I did. I got good traction very quickly, with almost 30,000 downloads from over 70 countries in a few weeks, and so I ran with it.”

In comparison to Leong and Kim’s podcasts, this podcast is geared towards female creatives and entrepreneurs. “Not only is the podcast industry here relatively small, but there are also very few women-hosted shows. So it’s very unfamiliar ground for me, which makes it a really exciting design challenge,” says Serafico.

The Purposeful Creative provides a mix of one-on-one interviews with short episodes called “Quick Start Guides” that answer specific concerns, such as financing your passion project and beginning a freelance career, aimed at helping listeners put those key takeaways into action. The episodes, prefaced as conversations, are useful for those looking to transition into doing the work they love. Guests have included Filipina creatives Reese Lansangan, Abbey Sy, and Roxy Navarro.

Whether or not we’re going to see more podcasts from Asia remains to be seen but as Serafico shares, “A lot of the very popular podcasts come from the United States, so it’s both refreshing and challenging to be able to tell stories from this side of the world.”

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