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LinkedIn Hit 500 Million Members. What Does This Mean For Your Start-up?

Linking your start-up to the business world, one connection at a time

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BY Pauline Mendoza - 09 May 2017

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

LinkedIn recently announced, through their official blog, that they now have half a billion members in 200 countries engaging in professional networks through their platform. “This community represents 10+ million active jobs, access to 9+ million companies, and with more than 100,000 articles published every week,” writes Aatif Awan, vice president for growth and international products at LinkedIn.

“A professional community of this size has never existed until now,” he adds.

LinkedIn, a business-oriented social networking platform, has been around since 2003. Since then, businesses and individuals around the world have been making more and more connections to the professional world.

With 152 average connections per account, Singapore tops Southeast Asia and places 3rd in LinkedIn’s most connected countries in the world.

With LinkedIn having been around for quite a while now, here are four areas that start-ups, with limited to no budget, can flourish in through the platform:


1. Marketing

“If you are marketing your business online and you're not active on LinkedIn, chances are you are missing 80% of your leads,” writes John Nemo in this Inc. article. He also cited a recent blog post by LinkedIn saying, "Studies show that 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, and 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content.”

For every marketer, maximum visibility of the brand is important and LinkedIn is one of the best spaces you can use to achieve that goal.


2. Sales

With LinkedIn, start-ups can create content that can attract and engage sales prospects—after all, it is now a potential sales funnel that connects to 500 million people. As a sales person, you can get LinkedIn’s Premium subscription that gives you the access to its Sales Navigator where you can organize your leads and even send messages to people who are not yet connected to your profile.

You can also take advantage of the search feature to find all the people that match the criteria of your sales prospects and with just one click.


3. Recruitment

"Hiring and retaining rock stars is key to every company's success," LinkedIn spokesperson Joe Roualdes tells Inc.

For a start-up that seeks to expand by hiring more and more competitive staff, LinkedIn is one of the best online platforms to go to. You now have a pool of the best people in the world on your screen. All you need to do is connect.


4. Thought Leadership

Becoming a thought leader isn’t just about posting regular content online. It is all about sharing expert advice on strategies that work, helping people with the same interest, and engaging people in an inspiring way.

Adam Fridman writes in his Inc. article, “The benefits of having influential thought leadership are endless. It can help establish your brand as an authority on a specific topic and help align customers to your company message.” And with LinkedIn Pulse, the social network’s blogging arm, you can make that happen.

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