LG OLED65G7T Review: Defining Bespoke

LG presents a centerpiece for your upmarket living room

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BY Rahil Bhagat - 26 Feb 2018

LG OLED65G7T Review: Defining Bespoke

You are clearly an important person. You have filled your living room with many leather-bound books and the scent of rich mahogany, and now you seek a television that befits a person of your affluence and station.

At first glance, the LG OLED65G7T (G7 for short) certainly looks the part and has the price tag to match. After all, LG’s “Signature” line of products comprises of its top-tier innovations – reserved only for the well-heeled.

While high-end 4K displays were status symbols only a couple of years ago, they have quickly reached mainstream as manufacturers pump out competitive specs and prices. So would you be getting your money’s worth with the G7, or are you just throwing away cash on pomp and circumstance?

Read on to find out.   


LG OLED65G7T Review: Defining Bespoke

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LG shows its mastery over OLED displays with the G7.

The G7’s 65-inch screen features the latest in 10-bit OLED technologies. Running at a native resolution of UHD 3,840 x 2,160, you get full support of all existing HDR formats out of the box.

LG claims that their latest OLED displays can reach peak brightness of up to 1000 nits. OLED televisions traditionally don’t do very well with HDR content due to poor brightness compared to their LCD counterparts. While I’m unable to verify LG’s claims, I’m happy to say that the G7 gets bright enough to display HDR content in its full glory. For such a big ticket purchase, at the very least you will have peace of mind as far as future proofing is concerned.

Having dealt with the major weakness of OLED displays, the G7 then proceeds to play to its strengths. You get great contrast and very deep blacks. Precise lighting on the pixels ensures zero light bleed and an exceptional level of detail in very bright or dark scenes.

Colors are life-like with a very slight red hue out of the box that can easily be calibrated away by tweaking settings. The G7 excels at pumping out vibrant and dynamic tones in HDR. While the more muted tones are still great, they could be a little more natural in my opinion. Overall, the G7 boasts impressive color accuracy and realistic pictures with or without HDR.

While the G7’s video processing is outstanding, it doesn’t handle motion as well as some of its competitors. It does however come with a low latency Games Mode which brings input lag down to a staggering 21ms even with HDR. That’s the lowest of any television currently on the market. Paired with an Xbox One X, playing Assassin’s Creed Origins on the G7 was an absolute joy.

On the software side of things, the G7 comes with LG’s WebOS Smart TV system. It has all the features you’d come to expect from a premium offering like multi-tasking and motion-controlled mouse cursor for intuitive navigation. All the essential streaming services have been baked in, including Amazon and Netflix. My favorite feature has to be custom button mapping for the remote. Transitioning between channel surfing, Netflix, and the Xbox has never been easier.


LG OLED65G7T Review: Defining Bespoke

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The G7’s sound base comes with a 60W speaker system and a 20W woofer. The sound stage is spacious and it gets really loud. It’s perfect for Netflix sessions and games.

My only gripe with it is even though it comes with Dolby Atmos, you can’t really tell. You don’t really feel the sound “all around you.” That said, unless you want true surround sound, you won’t need external speakers.

LG’s own series of Dolby Atmos soundbars are pretty good, but you really do want a proper full room setup for this.

Design and Inputs

LG OLED65G7T Review: Defining Bespoke

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The G7 looks and feels like a luxury entertainment system.

Build quality is top notch. Its ultra-thin Picture-on-Glass panel and clear bezels are breathtaking, and the sound base sports a champagne brushed metal finish.

For wall mounting, a well-hidden hinge allows the sound base to fold away behind the screen for that spectacular “wallpaper” effect. The words “understated” and “elegant” come to mind.

All inputs and outputs are tucked away behind the sound base to reduce clutter and help the G7 maintain its minimalist appearance. You get built in Wi-Fi, four HDMI ports, two USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, one RF-IN, one composite in, one component in, one optical digital audio out, a single 3.5mm audio jack, and an Ethernet port.

LG OLED65G7T Review: Defining Bespoke

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All the HDMI ports support 4K 60P HDR with wide color gamut and HDCP 2.2. One of them even has Audio Return Channel support for the Chromecast junkies out there.

The G7 comes with 2 remote controls in the same champagne brushed metal finish as the sound base. The larger remote is full-featured with a traditional button layout and LG’s Magic Motion technology built in. The smaller one comes with no frills and simplified button layout.

Unless you want to take the minimalist aesthetic to the extreme, I suggest tossing away the smaller remote. It’s completely redundant because, as I have mentioned earlier, the big one is an absolute dream to use. It has no place on your coffee table.

Should you buy it?

LG OLED65G7T Review: Defining Bespoke

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The LG OLED65G7T is an awesome television. It puts out the best picture of any OLED television out there. Its speakers can fill a large living room. Even its design is gorgeous to behold.

However, I cannot in good conscience say that you should go out now and buy this TV due to its eye-wateringly high price tag. The G7 retails for almost SGD11,000. At that price, it’s a real disappointment that it doesn’t even come with 3D for a more immersive cinematic experience.

Its price wouldn’t have been such a deal-breaker if LG did not put the exact same OLED panel, the same quad-core chip, and the same software video processing and filters into literally every 4K OLED television it produced in 2017.

At 65-inches, the lower-end C7 model has the exact same performance at almost half the price. Throw in a kick-ass home theater system and you’d be even better off while still paying less.

The G7 is a glimpse into what TV’s could be, it is the last word in what is possible today and I commend LG on pushing the envelope with the tech.

LG OLED65G7T Review: Defining Bespoke

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