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This Indonesian Startup Helps You Manage All Your Online Stores

Jubelio manages offline and online operations in one single system

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BY Ezra Ferraz - 27 Oct 2017

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

If you’re a micro, small, or medium enterprise transitioning to the world of e-commerce, chances are you’ll begin by selling on multiple platforms. While having presence on several marketplaces has its benefits, it can be a huge chore for entrepreneurs who already have little time to spare. You may end up encoding product data and logging into different sites more than actually processing your orders.

Indonesian start-up Jubelio wants to address this problem. CEO Susandi Putra Nst says he founded Jubelio out of his founding team’s experience in building a similar system for a retailer in the United Kingdom. They built the back-end software that takes care of inventory, warehouse management, and order fulfillment. It also integrates with Amazon, eBay, and their own webstore.
“From those experiences and looking at the current trend in Indonesian retail segment, we know omnichannel will eventually take over the normal way of doing business. So we started Jubelio to catch that momentum,” he says.

Jubelio targets small businesses who sell online but also have physical stores. Since the company’s launch in August 2017, more than 225 merchants have already signed up with Jubelio, and the company is working closely with them to build a product that best addresses their needs.

Nst believes the value proposition of Jubelio is that it is an end-to-end solution.

“Using Jubelio, our customer will be able to manage their offline and online operations in one single system. Whether they are selling on online marketplaces, their own webstore or their physical store, it’s all available and manageable via Jubelio,” he says.

Users begin by setting up their company profile and connecting their existing marketplace accounts to Jubelio. From then on, Jubelio will automatically sync their existing data from all of those marketplaces.

“There is no need for the user to re-input their products catalog, Jubelio will aggregate the product catalog and the buyer data from multiple marketplaces into a single database,” Nst says, noting that new products can also be added through the company’s platform.

Jubelio synchronizes stocks of products listed in different marketplaces. “In short, our users will no longer need to laboriously go to each online marketplace to update their listing whenever there is stock, price or product detail changes,” Nst says.

Such ease was born out of great difficulty.

“The biggest challenge is the diversity of how online marketplace platforms operate. Every marketplace has their own API and different data structure. Jubelio’s task is to make sure that those differences are transparent to our customers. On the technical side of things, we are leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure to make sure that we can scale up our capacity as needed,” he says.

Nst says that they have an exciting product roadmap ahead, including adding more marketplaces and courier integration. “And we’ll also be focusing on providing more value added services for our users,” he says.

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