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How This Start-up Helps Indonesia’s Small Businesses with Their HR Needs

Sleekr allows entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best

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BY Ezra Ferraz - 28 Mar 2018

How This Start-up Helps Indonesia’s Small Businesses with Their HR Needs

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

In a start-up where resources and manpower are limited, any time- and money-saving solution that lets you focus on your core business is a godsend — especially if it means being able to take care of your talent in the process.

But for Indonesian entrepreneur Suwandi Soh, current HR solutions in the market are not as employee-focused and user-friendly for small businesses.

“We saw that existing solutions are designed for HR admins, without considering the employee’s experience. We saw this as an opportunity to build something that is affordable using cloud technology, useful for small businesses, and at the same time appealing to all stakeholders of an HR system,” says Soh.

In 2015, he founded Sleekr and now serves as its CEO.

Sleekr offers these SMEs two products. One is Sleekr HR, which handles onboarding, time off management, business expenses management, payroll and tax, and social security. The other is Sleekr Accounting, rebranded from the accounting software Kiper that Sleekr acquired in 2016, which enables SMEs to manage invoicing, tracking account receivables, and financial reports.

Sleekr targets small and medium enterprises, which it acquires largely through digital marketing and strategic partnerships with accounting services and tax consultants. One of the challenges, however, is getting SMEs familiar (and comfortable) with using cloud technology.

“The awareness of cloud computing security, cloud servers reliability, and Internet connection availability are still key issues here in Indonesia. Fortunately, it’s getting better. More and more businesses are open to this idea,” says Soh.

But the bigger hurdle so far is scaling the technology. As such, Sleekr not only has a chief product designer but also two chief technology officers, one for Sleekr Accounting, the other for Sleekr HR.

Soh says that Sleekr’s focus on technology is evident in how seamlessly the platform integrates both financial and human capital — there is no need to convert reports and data from one application to another.

“For example, our payroll module works seamlessly with employees’ overtime, unpaid
leave, and even medical claim. Our financial reports get real-time data from invoices sent by the sales team and automatically track payment status from our bank feeds through API. This integrated solution also means you only need to deal with one vendor. And for a small business, this money- and time-saving opportunity is valuable to help them focus on growing their core business,” says Soh.

Over the course of 2018, Sleekr will focus on creating more features, improving its value proposition for its customers, and extending its marketing and sales capability in Indonesia.

“Another differentiator is our focus on total stakeholder experience?, not only HR admins, not only IT guys, but the employees, the sales team, the warehouse guys. This focus allows us to think differently in terms of addressing how people will use our web-based application or mobile app,” says Soh.

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