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Five Easy Peasy Office Halloween Party Costumes for the Lazy

Put on nothing but your personality and wit

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BY Pauline Mendoza - 19 Oct 2017

office halloween party costumes

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Now that your office Halloween party is around the corner, it’s time to pick out a costume you can pull-off effortlessly. Unfortunately for you, one thing gets in the way: you’re too lazy for this stuff.

If the idea of going to the mall — amidst that sea of seemingly endless humanity — just to buy the coolest Avenger costume you can find, makes you want to hide under a rock, know that it isn’t the end of the world. The Internet is full of lazy creatives like yourself who still want to join in on the Halloween party fun. 

Here are some of the simplest (but cool and witty) work-appropriate costumes they’ve come up with (and that you can pull off for yourself):

1. 404 Error. Costume not found.

Put on your favorite white shirt, take your favorite black marker, and voila! You have a Halloween party “costume” in less than a minute!

Photo Credit:


2. A Post-It Note

All this takes is a big sheet of cartolina. On it, write something like “submit report at 2PM.” Don’t forget to attach strings to the cartolina so you can hang it on yourself. Congratulations, you’ve officially become the classic office reminder to get things done. Another option: wrap yourself with post-its like this guy.

Photo Credit:


3. Facebook

For The Office series fans out there, who can forget Jim Halpert’s “Facebook costume”? One of our favorite The Office characters just gave us an idea for a last-minute Halloween costume without going through any trouble.

Photo Credit:


4. Cat Lady

You already have that go-to eyeliner in your pouch. With just a few strokes, you’re now the office’s resident cat lady! Pair this with a black dress and you’re good to go.

Photo Credit: Instagram, @incedo_gratia

5. Snapchat

Yes, you can turn into a real-life snapchat profile photo just by tracing and cutting out Snapchat’s logo out of a big yellow cartolina. Easy peasy.

Photo Credit: Pinterest, dukes and duchesses

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