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Finding Potential Leaders Within Your Company: It’s Time for Your Team to Step Up

How do you find that leadership potential within people already working for you?

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BY Pauline Mendoza - 26 Sep 2018

finding potential leaders inc southeast asia

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If you’re an entrepreneur who wishes to have more than 24 hours a day just to get things done, then delegating work may be the answer to your woes.

Delegating tasks can be an insightful exercise not just in terms of how your company can achieve its goals but also how your team members can grow in their roles as well. Let’s take it a step further by looking at who among them have strong leadership potential.

John Hall, CEO and co-founder of Influence & Co., advises in his Inc. column, “Instead of limiting your search to individuals in certain roles, look for people who share certain key qualities.”

He adds, “One of the most obvious indicators of potential is a willingness to work. True leaders are committed to doing their best work, pushing themselves to achieve, and setting themselves and their teams up to do the same in the future.”

People with true potential for leadership will rarely say work is cumbersome because for them, being able to contribute their time and expertise is a blessing. Balancing and integrating work and other parts of one’s life well is key to maximizing this gift. Given a healthy and fair working environment, people who are bound to be leaders will be thankful for having work assigned to them. They know they have the trust and confidence of senior leadership that they can do the job well.

Hall goes further, “Human beings have a natural tendency to seek praise and shy away from criticism, but true leaders don't do either of these things. Instead, they value honesty, and they know that good communication is the key to improvement.”

People with true leadership potential will do excellent work with or without recognition; they value honor and excellence in whatever they do, inside or outside the limelight.

With these intrinsic qualities already on hand, the training and skills needed can easily come after.

“Remember, leaders aren't just found in the C-suite. They're everywhere, and their titles don't always indicate either their current contribution or their future at your company,” Hall says.


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