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How Entrepreneurs Can Build Powerful Relationships Using Twitter

Sans a face-to-face meeting, Twitter can be a powerful tool in making connections

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BY Daniel Wallock - 04 Dec 2017

How Entrepreneurs Can Build Powerful Relationships Using Twitter

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

When you think about building professional relationships online, Twitter is probably not the first social media platform that comes to mind. But little did you know that it is truly one of the best platforms for relationship building sans a face-to-face meeting.

Engaging on Twitter has helped me land consulting clients, get press and mentions on top blogs, and even helped me land a job at BlitzMetrics, a digital marketing company which partners with schools to train young adults.

Here are a few pointers to remember:

Be active

If you are tweeting and engaging with other people’s tweets everyday, people are going to think of you as someone who is consistently around on the platform. As such, there is a higher chance they will tag you in posts and invest time in engaging with your content.

Being active with fellow Twitter users gives others the security that you will probably tweet them back and engage with them.

Be positive

Most Twitter users appreciate it when others bring positive engagement to their tweets. Life is full of stress, and by just being kind and appreciative of other people in your tweets can help you make connections.

Not only does it feel good inside, but it helps attract other Twitter users who exude positivity, as well. Those Twitter users are the best audience in terms of generating healthy engagement and are most likely to be the ones who are more open to new connections.

Promote other people

It’s always more powerful for someone else to say something good about you, than for you to say it yourself. That said, try retweeting or sharing other people’s content from time to time.

Most people want to have their work acknowledged, and part of building relationships using Twitter is by strategically choosing what you retweet and share. Share content by the people you’re interested in building relationships with. More importantly, share content that you believe and find value in.

What I’ve noticed is that if I share others’ content for a couple of weeks, they usually begin sharing my content, too. Some even reach out. For instance, I shared Blitzmetrics CTO Dennis Yu’s content for several weeks and he eventually contacted me via Twitter DM. That direct message started a dialogue, and soon I was flying out to Phoenix to attend an event his company was putting on. After that, he offered me a job.

Don’t ask people for things

This should go without saying: Twitter is not the place to ask people for things. Never just tweet someone to ask for something, especially even before you’ve even made a connection. Be genuine in wanting to build fruitful relationships, and not just for what you think that person can give you.

Building relationships on Twitter is pretty simple, but most people don’t invest time into using the platform every day. By engaging with people on a regular basis and consistently sharing content you believe in, you will organically build relationships.

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