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Customer Service Done Right: Here’s How To Get The Ball Rolling

Excellent and consistent customer service comes in three easy steps

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BY Pauline Mendoza - 12 Oct 2017

customer service

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Customer service is the lifeblood of any business. Giants like Amazon understand this — it’s why they’re consistently raising standards of customer service by translating insights from customer behavioral data and purchasing patterns into more personalized shopping experiences for their users.

Unsurprisingly, this has led to growth in contact center infrastructure in cities, as well as technological advancements like automation and omnichannel customer service platforms.

Adopting these advancements in a company often require a hefty amount of money, which can be challenging for an up and coming start-up. Any small business owner knows that every cent should be spent wisely; frugality is a must when one’s flow of income is still unsteady.

But start-ups can improve upon their customer service operations without necessarily breaking the bank. In an Interview with Inc. Southeast Asia, Justin Leow, head of Business Operations at fintech start-up, lists three things start-ups should keep in mind:


1. Be personal and specific

The last thing consumers want when dealing with a product or service issue is to receive generic replies from the company’s customer service team. It gives them an impression that the company isn’t proactive about addressing their issues quickly.

“Customers can smell a canned response from a mile away, especially when it’s not entirely relevant to their situation,” says Leow.  

He urges start-ups to make their customer service replies as personal and specific as possible. “Injecting a little bit of empathy and personality will go a long way. It demonstrates to your customers that you are a real human being on the other end, one who understands their concerns, and that they’re not just another support ticket.”


2. Ensure your front-facing team knows everything about your product

This can actually make or break a business. When customers sense your staff is clueless about your product or service, it doesn’t bode well for your brand’s reputation.

“Make sure your customer support team knows the product inside and out, and is well-trained to handle a wide variety of issues. This will not only allow you to respond quickly but give the customer the confidence that they’re dealing with someone knowledgeable,” asserts Leow.


3. Track everything

In any field, continuous improvement involves measuring activities and results. This echoes even louder in work departments as crucial as customer service.

Advises Leow, “From response times to customer satisfaction ratings, measuring the team’s customer support performance across multiple dimensions is the only way you’ll be able to consistently identify issues and improve.”

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