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How to Create Content That Gets Tens of Thousands of Views

Here are 4 tips start-up founders can try

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BY Daniel Wallock - 29 Dec 2017

How to Create Content That Gets Tens of Thousands of Views

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You spend hours producing content. When it’s done you get excited and want others to read it, but after you share it on social media and send it to your email list, less than two-thousand unique visitors read your article.

Most of the time we create content because we want it to be shared and appreciated in order to drive traffic and leads to our sites. Whether you own a personal blog or you're a writer for a major publication, it’s important to understand how to create compelling content.

Even content marketing companies, such as Seekscribe, are capitalizing on the need for businesses to produce high-quality, original content.

Tell a unique story

Social media essentially takes what is already great and allows it to be amplified. The more interesting your topic is and the more compelling your story’s headline and images are, the more people will click and engage with it.

There is such an absurd amount of content being produced online that to stand out you must go the extra mile to create highly unique content. Rand Fishkin suggests in this article that you need to create content that is ten times better than what other people are creating. One example I can think of is a piece by content marketer Joe Escobedo about Serguei Belussov, co-founder of data protection agency Acronis.

Work with influencers in your industry

Adding insights from influencers in your articles will also help attract more visitors. First, people would want to hear about what the authorities in their respective fields have to say.

Second, influencers tend to promote content that references them. By making the influencer look prominent alongside other influencers, they are more motivated to share it.

Write a story about something that is already popular

An easy way to write a story that people are going to care about is by researching what is already popular. You can use tools like BuzzSumo and Google Trends to find topics that are already trending in your niche.

Another way is to go over media sites frequented by your target market and try to determine which articles are getting the most traffic. After finding a topic that is popular, you then have to figure out your own take on the subject that will entice people to read and share.

Invest more into promoting your content

Once you’ve created a great piece of content, you need to invest time into promoting it. Of course, people are going to share your content if it’s great, that’s true, but to get tens of thousands of views you typically have to be active promoting your content through your social media accounts and personal network.

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