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How To Be Your Best Self at Work This Holiday Season

Feeling the holiday slump? Here are some hacks to turn this period to your advantage.

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BY Melissa G. Bagamasbad - 19 Dec 2017

work holiday season

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Let’s be real. Dragging yourself to your work desk these holidays, especially in the days between Christmas and New Year’s Day can be one of the hardest things to go through. Finding some of your workmates’ empty seats can also be a bummer, as you imagine them enjoying themselves on vacation, while you’re stuck with a report you have to finish.

If you find yourself (and your team) in the unenviable position of having to go to work this holiday season, here are some hacks to try so you can still finish the year strong.

1. Treat your team to lunch

Have you noticed that your team meeting usually has more attendance when you announce that lunch or snacks will be served, asks Jonah Chipeco, writer, marketer, and resource speaker.

“Provision of food can be an incentive for your staff to come to work in between holidays,” she says.

This is also a good way of continuing the holiday vibe or celebrations while you are all in the office.

2. Take advantage of the season’s festive mood

“Be as goofy as you can,” suggests Ken Lerona, PR and marketing practitioner. “Do raffles and do ‘Bring Your Kids’ or ‘Bring Your Pets’ days at the office. Don’t kill the season’s party mood. Instead, take advantage of it, to know your employees [and co-workers] better and build bonds that you will need in the coming year.”

3. Encourage departments to schedule a “declutter” week 

“It’s time to throw away those unneeded files and welcome the year with a clean work environment,” says Chipeco.

A cleaner and clearer work environment can also lessen the stress, allowing one to feel more in control.

4. Schedule team building or annual reflection activities

When it’s hard to switch off the “vacation mode” mindset of your employees, make them feel that they’re having a vacation while being productive, advises Chipeco.

“Team building activities may be indoor to lessen expenses,” she suggests. “Make the team activities more intentional by assigning outputs that will contribute to smooth processes and collaborative working relationships in 2018.”

5. Reflect on the year that was

“This is the best time to be creative and maybe put together ideas you can use for your business in next year,” says Lerona. “Do an inventory of the good things you achieved in the past year.”

Lerona adds it’s helpful to be grateful, review lessons in the past year, and think of strategies to avoid the mistakes that you made.

6. Understand your internal clock

“We all have a pre-set and very smart internal clock inside ourselves,” explains James Richman, investor at JJ Richman and former CEO of 1WD. “This natural clock is what determines our energy levels through any given day. I find that understanding how our individual cycle of energy levels a.k.a. circadian rhythm works is the answer to everything. Once you’ve understood this, you can then arrange your most mental and physical energy-consuming tasks around this rhythm.”

Work when you find that you are at your most energetic. If your work schedule permits, maybe you can ask to go to the office when you feel that you are most productive. For the morning person, you can ask to come to work early or stay late in the office if you are a night owl.




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