This Aviation Consultancy in Singapore is Ready For Takeoff

No flights of fancy here — REAPRA Aviation Partners is serious about elevating the second-tier aviation industry

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BY Tricia V. Morente - 13 Oct 2017

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In a continent as geographically and culturally vast as Asia, there are still plenty of unexplored destinations for travelers that have grown weary of visiting overrated tourist traps.

Such hidden pieces of paradise often remain under the radar because of inaccessibility, with government and private sector investment tending to favor blockbuster tourism hotbeds.

This is set to change with the launch of Singapore-based REAPRA Aviation Partners (REAPRA is also an investor in Inc. Southeast Asia), a strategic solutions provider for the aviation industry whose intent is “to create a new Asian economy through enabling destinations in Asia.”

Recognizing that transportation into any country is crucial to opening up local economies, REAPRA Aviation Partners, led by regional aviation industry veteran Priveen Raj Naidu, has identified approximately 110 airports and seven airlines that would immediately benefit from its initiative: a consortium that consists of strategic partners in destination marketing, logistics, cargo, MRO and distribution.

“The best way forward is to rejuvenate the airline routes by enabling new airports,” says Naidu. “Our team has identified almost 110 regional airports that could potentially become the next big destination.”

REAPRA Aviation Partners seeks to connect the region by working with country policy stakeholders, airports, and airlines to see how they can innovate and enable them.

It’s no easy feat, but the potential rewards are well worth the effort: the IATA reported that routes to, from and within Asia-Pacific will see an extra 1.8 billion annual passengers by 2035, for an overall market size of 3.1 billion. Asia-Pacific’s annual average growth rate of 4.7% will trail the Middle East as second highest.

“Some of the airports we have identified have had negative growth in the past years, and in most cases, these unfavorable numbers are due to factors beyond the environment of control of these airports,” says Naidu. REAPRA, he adds, intends to “co-create solutions with our clients to devise realistic, practical and sustainable solutions.”

Much of REAPRA’s effort will be concentrated on working with second-tier airports to improve their marketing outreach to airlines. “We are excited to bring much needed innovation to the region and believe this direction forward would add a new layer of destination options and travelers,” says Naidu. 

Two challenges await Naidu and his team as they get the ball rolling: first, debunk the notion that change—and the consultants that help facilitate it—is expensive. Says Naidu, “REAPRA Aviation Partners is an LCC—not a low-cost carrier, but a low-cost consultancy. We intend to keep our costs low, too, so that the savings can be enjoyed by our clients.”

The second roadblock to REAPRA Aviation Partners’ mission is perhaps the more pressing: working with governments in a region that’s resistant to change. “Truth be told, we will need the blessings and the buy-in from all our industry stakeholders, airlines, airport policymakers, etc., to share this vision,” acknowledges Naidu. Even with these challenges, REAPRA’s chief is undaunted, as he sees huge growth in the second-tier aviation space.


REAPRA Aviation Partners is an extension of its parent company, Singapore-based business builder REAPRA.

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