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Attention, PH Commuters: Here are Five Ride-Hailing Apps to Fill the Void Left by Uber

With Uber banned in the Philippines for the meantime, here are other ride-hailing apps cashing in on its absence

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BY Pauline Mendoza - 17 Aug 2017

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PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Until the ongoing debacle between Uber and the Philippine government is completely resolved, with the winners and losers discussed in this Inc. Southeast Asia article, local commuters would have to explore other options to make the grueling Metro Manila commute more bearable.

As of this writing, here are five apps that are still accessible:


This ride-hailing app that started as a taxi-booking service in Malaysia has been operating in the Philippines for a few years now, with options for booking a taxi or private car, and now even offers delivery services. Just like its major competitor, Uber, Grab offers carpooling services called GrabShare.


Taxi-hailing app Micab has been operating in the southern provinces of Cebu and Iloilo for the past two years. Last July, they partnered with two premium taxi companies in Metro Manila so they could soon launch the app in the Philippine capital. Micab CEO Eddie Ybañez says they are targeting to launch the app this October 2017.


Headquartered in Germany but launched in the Philippines, this carpooling app targets people who drive to work alone, instead of professional drivers who work during dedicated shifts. Wunder lets users discover people headed in the same direction, accept individuals who want a ride, and passengers can then confirm if they want to join the carpool.

Some Wunder users like Franchesca Vistal, a writer for a TV Network, says the app has glitches on its chatbox, causing a delay of messages between driver and passenger, but that the app’s matching feature works well.


U-Hop is an on-demand car service like Grab and Uber. Though the app is still available for the riding public, it shifted its focus recently by partnering with private corporations to provide employees a regular shuttle service.

“U-Hop is dependable, and their drivers are honest, well-trained, and trustworthy,” says Rey Fabricante, director of operations for Belmont Hotels, U-Hop’s corporate client.


Angkas is an on-demand motorcycle ride-booking service. For the first two kilometers, the fare starts at PHP50 and PHP10 for every succeeding kilometer. To get an upfront fixed price, the app user can key in his or her pickup point and destination, and the fees are collected directly by the biker.

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