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Attention, Digital Nomads: This Indonesian App Digitally Tracks Your Travel Footprint

It’s the age of the pocket traveler, and Squee is keen on tracking your every wanderlust-driven move

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BY Tricia V. Morente - 31 Jul 2017

digital nomads

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

In this day and age of digital and social media, the world really is at one’s fingertips. The flourishing travel and tourism sector in Southeast Asia is no exception.

With both international and domestic travel democratized by the advent of budget airlines, online booking platforms, and the shared economy, we’re seeing a growing global travel community that’s becoming more and more connected. Technology is the bridge that connects this wandering, globe-trotting tribe, with a surfeit of start-ups developing apps that make travel seamless, convenient, fun, and, in the case of the directionally challenged, less daunting.

Joining in on the bandwagon is Indonesian start-up Squee, whose battle cry to “make every step worth remembering” is manifested in a map-based app that creates a personalized travel map that shows your digital footprint. Currently in its public beta phase, Squee was born out of a proposal submitted by its four co-founders—Arlene Nathania, Edy Haryono, Marissa Pudjiadi, and Dicke Nazzary Akbar—at the Jakarta Urban Challenge competition in the New Cities Summit 2015. Originally a navigation app for pedestrians, cyclists, and active commuters, Squee has since pivoted into the travel app it is today.

Designed for digital nomads by digital nomads

The idea behind Squee is really to engage the travel community, shares Nathania, who relates that she and Haryono have always been travelers at heart.

Designed for “travelers, nomads, and travel enthusiasts,” Squee’s main feature is to help its target audience create personalized real-time geo-located footprints on map as they travel. “They can have a full-curated documentation denoting how far they’ve explored the globe. It’s like a travel journal on a map,” explains Nathania.

Not one to buck the growing “social” trend, Squee also lets users share their travel footprint to fellow travelers by way of its built-in social features. It’s not just a good way to inspire other people to explore new places, but as users share their personal travel maps and the interesting trails they’ve uncovered, fellow travelers learn of new destinations and experiences users manage to stumble upon. “They can also form travel Troops and create map-based Tours following particular interests, so it’s quite different from apps like Google Maps, for example,” says Nathania.

One thing Squee definitely has going for it is that its co-founders are “Squeeians” themselves. “We’re digital nomads—we work and travel at the same time, so basically Squee lets us do business and work in a field that we really love and enjoy,” shares Nathania, adding that Squee was founded and originally headquartered in Hamburg, Germany before she and co-founder Haryono decided to move back to Indonesia.

“We’re now in Bali and we feel we are more productive and focused here,” she shares, adding that the decision to move from Hamburg to Bali is derived out of the fact that “Southeast Asia is certainly on the rise, with lots of lucrative opportunities for digital entrepreneurs. There’s high mobile user growth, investment streams coming in, and many business practices and industries that need to be disrupted. The ecosystem itself is feasible for start-ups and lean businesses like ours.”

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