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Asia’s Potential Explained in 4 TED Talks

Here’s how entrepreneurs and leaders in the region can maximize their full potential

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BY Melissa G. Bagamasbad - 25 Jan 2018

Asia’s Potential Explained in 4 TED Talks

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Asia’s economic star is rising. From the massive populations of such countries as India and China, to Myanmar opening its doors to the world, the rich culture and history and diverse workforce within the region, the eyes of the global community are on Asia.

Want proof? Here are four TED talks that talk more about Asia’s potential and how the region’s entrepreneurs and investors are making the most out of the upswing:

1. Asia’s Rise — How and When by Hans Rosling

The late Hans Rosling was a Swedish physician and academic who pushed for the use of data to solve problems in the developing world. As a guest student in India, Rosling realized how Asia could be an economic force. “The Indian students were better than me,” he recounts. “Indian students studied better than we did in Sweden. And that personal experience in my life,” says Rosling, adding that it dawned on him that “perhaps, the Western world wouldn’t dominate the world forever.”

In this TED Talk, Rosling shows Asia’s economic growth since 1858 and gives his prediction on when China and India will beat the United States.

2. Why Asia Needs More Tiger Women by Marie Claire Lim Moore

In this TED Talk, Moore discusses lower representation for women in management positions in Asia. The region is projected to have the lowest women representation in said positions by 2025. “In a region with so many highly educated women, how can we have so many Tiger mothers and so few Tiger women?” asks Moore.

She then talks about how dual income households have become the norm (even in more privileged ones) and how women need to contribute to this and reach their full potential. She also talks about how female discrimination is rampant in countries like China, where unmarried women over 30 are labeled as “leftover women.” She cites the Philippines as a good example of what the rest of Asia can become, as the country ranks among the Top 10 when it comes to gender equality in society. Filipinas, even those with children and families, hold leadership positions in their careers.

3. Old Geographies, New Orders — China, India, and the Future of Asia by Rush Doshi

As with Rosling, Doshi believes that China and India will become the world leaders and superpowers in time. In this talk, Doshi discusses how the countries’ large populations and geographies are powering their road towards being the world’s largest economies. Doshi urges the citizens of both countries to step out of the shadows of their geographies to elevate their leadership and achieve prosperity.

4. What I learned from Myanmar entrepreneurs by Thura Ko Ko

The managing director of YGA Capital, a Myanmar advisory firm, Thura talks about the business culture of Myanmar entrepreneurs. He expounds on their characteristics based on his observations after being away from his home country for many years, when Myanmar was closed off to the rest of the world. Some of these inspiring traits that other entrepreneurs can emulate include being more resourceful than usual, learning local nuances and culture, support for each other, etc.

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