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Artificial Intelligence Courses You Can Take Anytime, Anywhere

Equip yourself with deep technology skills to stay ahead of the competition

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BY Pauline Mendoza - 17 May 2018

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images


It’s science fiction no more. Artificial Intelligence is now one of the most valuable assets in the business world.

“Artificial Intelligence is a ‘must-have’ capability for global companies...Without it, they are competitively impaired, if not at grave risk of being obsoleted in place,” says Jean-François Gagné, CEO of research lab and start-up incubator Elements AI.

For entrepreneurs who have a keen interest on deep tech and its transformational power in business, learning more about artificial intelligence (AI) is a good way to start. Here are some online courses that can make you stay competitive:



Coursera partners with top universities and organizations around the world to provide global learners access to various courses no matter where they are. Every course includes recorded video lectures, hands-on projects, peer-reviewed assignments, and discussion forums.

Coursera offers a lot of artificial intelligence courses and specializations that entrepreneurs can take, including: Master of Computer Science (with focus on AI) from Arizona State University, Machine Learning from Stanford University, Deep Learning for Business from Yonsei University, Applied AI with Deep Learning from IBM, and even a course on “How to Build a Chatbot Without Coding,” also from IBM.

All of these courses are offered for free, but those who want to receive official certifications can get it for a fee.


Learn with Google AI

This free crash course by Google introduces learners to machine learning and TensorFlow, an open source machine-learning framework. Even experts in the artificial intelligence field can benefit from it because they can just choose specific modules and skip the introduction part. The course can also serve as their introduction to the new platform, TensorFlow.


MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Online Courses

The well-known university for science and technology has rich online resources (some for free and some with a fee) that can be accessed by learners from around the world. Various classes on A.I. can be found here.

A recent course offering is Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy, which can equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed to embrace AI as part of their business solutions. The course focuses on the various organizational and managerial implications of this new technology and how it can successfully be integrated into businesses.

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