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5 Reasons Start-ups Need to Use Twitter Ads

It makes micro-targeting easy and economical

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BY Daniel Wallock - 08 Dec 2017

5 Reasons Start-ups Need to Use Twitter Ads

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

While Twitter Ads have way less functionality than Facebook Ads, there are some compelling reasons you should still be using them.

Here are five reasons:

1. It is still ‘underpriced attention’

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about going after places where attention is underpriced, and such is the case for Twitter. What Vaynerchuk is referring to when he says “underpriced attention” is finding opportunities that you can have great impact in terms of engagement and impressions for the least amount of investment.

I recently ran a campaign using Twitter ads, that served 172,414 targeted impressions for just $83.95. While impressions don’t mean much, this campaign drove several qualified leads, each lead costing less than $30, which is good considering I wasn’t even driving the traffic to my own website. I was driving traffic to an article I co-wrote at Forbes, so this means people who clicked the ad would have to read the article and then go on their own to my site, fill out a survey, and then if qualified, be considered a lead.

5 Reasons Start-ups Need to Use Twitter Ads

Using Manual Bidding you can bid down almost any campaign you run. Twitter might suggest that you pay $1.70 per click or $1.20 per engagement, but if you use manual bidding most of the time you can bid down to $0.15 per click or $0.03 per engagement. I’ve consistently had success with manual bidding $0.01 per engagement and my ads still drive quality engagement.

2. It makes it easy to target your followers

Twitter makes it really easy to target your own followers. All you have to do is build a new adgroup or start a new campaign and when you get to targeting in “Audience Features,” select “followers of a user id” and select your username.

5 Reasons Start-ups Need to Use Twitter Ads

3. It has a powerful micro-targeting

Arguably, the most useful thing about Twitter Ads is your ability to micro-target audiences using hashtag targeting, keyword targeting, and/or custom audiences.When I do podcasts or interviews, I will run Twitter Ads. I promote the tweet showcasing the content towards the Twitter account of the magazine or person who interviews me.

I’ve been able to consistently have the Twitter Ads I’ve created get between a 15% and 35% engagement rate by targeting ads only towards very specific audiences via hashtag and keyword targeting.

4. It can support your omnichannel strategy

Marketer and entrepreneur Sujan Patel talks about how when building his personal brand, he tried to be everywhere. Sujan did interviews, wrote blog posts, appeared on podcasts, and tried to show up in as many online spaces as he could. Being omnipresent is not only important for brand recognition but also for building trust.

Twitter Ads are great because you can easily upload Tailored Audiences and target them. You can easily upload a list of Twitter user IDs, mobile phone numbers, or email addresses for retargeting.

5. It has a live support team

Unless you're an agency or individual spending a ton of money on Facebook Ads, you’re not going to get timely personal support. With Twitter Ads, they have a live support team available for anyone to message. According to Twitter’s Agency Resources, “The @TwitterAdsHelp team is responsive Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm PST.”

If the live support team is unable to answer your questions or help you, they will forward your ticket to someone else. I’ve found they always resolve whatever issue or question I have within 24 hours.

Twitter Ads make micro-targeting easy and economical. And for start-ups looking to increase their presence, it is definitely something to add to your arsenal.

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