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4 Ways Southeast Asian Entrepreneurs Can Boost Their EQ

EQ can help you win in business and in life

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BY Melissa G. Bagamasbad - 10 May 2017

southeast asian entrepreneurs

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

The usual formula for success includes doing well in school or at your job, putting in the hard work, possessing a high IQ, etc. Not much has been said about EQ (emotional quotient), which also plays a pretty big part in success.

According to an article by Jessica Stillman in Inc., since one’s IQ is pretty much fixed throughout one’s life, focusing on developing EQ is actually more beneficial. Stillman discusses the argument of Columbia University psychologist and author Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic that more real-world problems are solved by using people skills, rather than raw intelligence. As such, you get more bang for your buck by focusing on EQ.

So how can Southeast Asian entrepreneurs further boost their EQ? Here are four things they need to remember:  


1. Be open to change and new ideas

“In psychology, openness to change is one of the traits most associated with entrepreneurs,” Miguel Valdez, president and founder of Vanguard Assessments says. “You have to be comfortable with the fact that it’s uncomfortable.” He also mentioned being open to new ideas. “There’s no idea that’s not crazy enough to try. And I suppose in the end, it’s about being receptive to new ideas.”

This includes thinking outside the box and being open to experimentation. Valdez says this should also be balanced out with not just being absorbed with one’s own ideas but also being open to others’, and taking a step back.


2. Be great with words as well as actions

Valdez says that it doesn’t matter if the entrepreneur or start-up founder is an introvert or extrovert, one has to communicate well. More than words, this entrepreneur or founder also has to be a person of action, or an implementer, and get work done.


3. Remember that success is really about the team

They say that behind every successful leader is a team, so it’s best to keep egos in check. “Whatever people perceive as successful always has a team behind it,” Valdez says.

Keep in mind that effective leaders are able to motivate and inspire their team. “It’s more about the team. Even Steve Jobs, I think he had a very successful team. So it’s about building that team and populating that team,” he adds.


4. Learn your stress triggers

Stillman writes learning your stress triggers can go a long way, citing Chamorro-Premuzic’s argument. Getting feedback on how others see you can also help enhance your self-awareness.

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